Domitia bug?

I must preface this with I have zero evidence that Domitia is bugged, but there are far too many uncanny instances where I can at best assume she could possibly be bugged. If someone has any method of testing I would love to see what the results are.

For my defense I’ve been running with (Left to right)
Alberich (6 Talents)
Poseidon ( 8 Talents)
Khagan (7 Talents)
Domitia (7 Talents)
Zim (2 Talents)

When I use her in Raid attacks, about 9/10 times she dies before she can use her special. Whereas Khagan, with only 140 more health, weaker defense, center tank, and slow mana usually outlives her.

When fighting against Domitia, I find her very easy to kill. I can usually kill her first. even when using a rainbow team.

My Domitia stats are: (725-attack, 713-Defense, 1421-Health)
I have a Proteus (16 Talents) with stats: (707 attack, 684 defense, 1259 health)

I know comparing Domitia with Proteus is unfair as their specials are very different but when I swap out Domitia for Proteus, my trophy win/loss ratio dramatically increases, but Domitia supposedly has 60 more power than Proteus.

Again… maybe Proteus special just works well with my team - but I want to know if anyone else has experienced Dom being more squishy than she seems

Dom is as squishy as she looks!

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Proteus is simply better than Domitia. I will only bring Dom if I need extra dispeller (I’ll prioritize even Sabina for dispeller).

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  1. Using Proteus in general should improve your win ratio if you use him wisely because mana control is very powerful.
  2. Anecdotal evidence proves nothing as well as general impression that something happens more often than something other. Please at least gather some numbers e.g. how much damage does she take from slash attacks from particular hero, and how much slash damage does that hero deal to the rest of your team.

Thanks. I’ll see if I can gather some info.

Worth looking at what troops you’re equipping and her placement in the team.

On offense, the end slots can help because they are less likely to be hit by hit-3 specials.

I have a +6 Dom with less defence than yours and don’t consider her particularly soft.

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Well, I have my Domitia on the flank between Vivica and Thorne ( Tank ):

For me it currently looks like specials, since the last update, are hitting the flanks more often than the tank. But that’s just a feeling… and you know how it is, every time your expect it would go this way, the game choose the other…

It could be really misleading to rely on impression rather than gathered numbers. Our brains like to fool us. If you’re convinced flanks are being hit more often, every time flank is hit your conviction is reinforced but your brain tends to ignore hits to other targets than flanks. It’s called confirmation bias.

That’s why it’s important to gather numbers and analyze them without any prejudices.


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