Dominion of Dragons Sneak Peek Discussion

Well two separate bases, means separate offers, separate resources, separate heroes. In last sneak peak video dragons have 10k health each, which is way more than health of heroes we have currently.

I’m happy for any new addition that makes game fun and interesting. Though starting new game from scratches and in existing game, don’t sounds fun to me. Game is already becoming a “full time job” with 3-5 events running at same time. Its hard to do all events for long time players without burning WE flasks, can’t imagine how its for new players.

It already take few hours daily to complete everything, imagine that time doubled, cause you need to play two separate games in one game. On top of that no resources that you accumulated through years are compatible with new game so you start from scratches.


now I’m super curious, as to how our “current” progress will affect the Dominion of Dragons. what are the links? are there any links at all?

and vice versa: what kind of impact will playing the Dominion bit have, on our normal base?


The 2 lairs is a Zynga thing. They did it a lot of their games like Mafia wars and Farmville. They kept adding new base and eventually caused fatigue. I left those games just because of non-maintainability. The game is exhausting as such that i have stopped most of the activities. Just wars, 2 titan flags, and play only the marquee events. Tourney and raids have become optional for me.


I’m not even going to comment on less than 10 seconds of video from a company that almost prides itself on fake ads.


Think of it as an expansion pack.

I’ll have to disagree with you about 3-5 events running at the same time as quests aren’t events. No one’s starting from scratch. It’s not hard to do all quests because you have days to finish them. And no, it doesn’t take few hours daily to complete everything - I complete anything outside of the basic herb quests/events and it does not take few hours a day - in fact no where close.

Maybe just let it unfold and wait till we have more info other than a couple of screenshots and a 5 second clip before jumping to conclusions.

It’ll be ok. You may like it or it may make you quit, but that happens with a lot of things in life.


Is this real ? Never imagined this before :joy:
Luckily no PoV or Weekly PoG task like “hunt 100 dragons”

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Yep, :100: % real. It’s reasonably easy to do and if you catch it early enough in it’s flight you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

(Biggest issue is all the clutter on the screen :confounded: )


Why don’t you make another game and let us alone.


Video is just collecting resources. But looks like crafting resources will be a thing.

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New TikTok video today. ( Did they just “forget” to post yesterday ? )

We farm FISH instead of Ham. :grin:


Looks like we are gonna start again from scratch.


Why don’t they just add a dragon family instead. There’s no way in anyway that I’m starting over in any capacity. The current game needs more work before they make a new one


Finally another one who thinks the same as I do!


New sneak peek! You can farm fish!? :astonished: Wait… no pike I hope… :thinking: no, looks like carp.


No villagers?! I protest…gonna fill a complain to UNICEF


In terms of building excitement, each one of these sneak peak vids is worse than the last.
I’ve already spent years building what I have, I don’t want to grind from scratch with fish and purple rocks. The only way this is palatable is if my new fish hatchery levels correlate to my existing Ham Farm levels, and similarly with purple rocks and Iron Mines. But I don’t think that’s gonna happen as I see seven purple rock buildings in the vid.


I’d assume any villagers that were walking around were long ago eaten by any dragons living there.


I apologize in advance for coming back here and being a pain in the a** as always, but I’ve seen this before. in the almost deceased “Clash of Clans” when the developers ran out of ideas, they released an identical update.

new base to start all over again, at a higher price. If leveling all heroes 3x each one is already a big pain, imagine the whole base again. New images and graphics are interesting, but it’s just that in the end of the day. We can just expect new dragon heroes with 1500 total powers without emblems.

Dont want to be a bi!@$% but don’t get high expectations.


There’s actually a sinister backstory to this.

There once were many villagers, and as you speculated, many were consumed. This was part of the design: in fact, when you clicked on a villager, instead of giving you a jaunty wave, they would either leap for cover behind a haystack, or rush headlong at the nearest dragon in a suicidal exit befitting the desperate state of the Dominion for humans. The programming was relatively stylish and the code was slated for release in 2021.

However, during the initial testing phase, a strange thing was noticed. There were fewer villagers, to be sure, but there were also fewer … dragons. Were the mad rushes successful? Did the villagers secretly lace the haystacks with dimethyl mercury? Had an underground civilization taken root, bent on overthrowing the dragon overlords?

No. They had made a fatal miscalculation.

One of the villagers was Friar Tuck.

I can certainly appreciate why it’s taken so long for the update. I can’t figure out how to avoid Friar Tuck, either.


I can’t wait to summon the original Bane w/o costume on every portal on this side. Every time.