Dominating leadership? Join here dishpits

Dominating leadership? Join here dishpits

All these jabronis want you. Lame duck fools with, “We will give you advice, train you up” and then they point you to this forum. Donut fall for that junk.

You didn’t start playing this game to get dictated to by some donkey entitled leader fool, or ridiculously “in your biz” interwebs social bitterfly, entrapped into joining some ■■■■■■ line group fiefdom.

No, Sir. You are here to suffer with the masses about RNG, complain because yaaasss, and generally like this game.

If you are looking to join an alliance that wants you to…

A. Join some other social media site
2. Join a “family”
$. Spend some cash
4. Is rated #1 in sarcasm
5. profit???

Then come join Guardians Reborn.



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