Dolores - 5* Holy / Yellow - Shadow hero from Secret Summon

Mindless threw the 50 ailment on my team instead of casting it on herself.

Dolores looks the coolest, but she is probably the most easily countered of all the insanity heroes.


Is Dolores better for defense or for offense?

Offense. The second time she goes off, you might shoot yourself in the foot.

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So for offense you only fire her once?

Pair her with a taunt hero and you don’t have to worry about the insanity… But a second time without taunt… It’s a risk.

i never understand why this secret heroes gives the most insanity to them self
as i dont have its ok but against them they was going insanity more than i did because of them

A fail safe for being next to Ludwig

Excellent tip! Is Dolores the best secret hero thus far?

I like my omen… But I only have experience with him of the secret heroes.

The stats in the OP has been adjusted with stat changes in second May balance update.

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I really don’t see Insanity as that big of a downside… if you have a healer then you’ll get three casts before Dolo hits 100 since that heal will drop her score by 10, and most matches won’t see more than three casts.

Even if she does hit 100 she will fully purge after a single self-target cast. 220% damage to 2 or 3 on your squad is far from a death sentence, and the 15 Insanity is irrelevant. If you’re low health you can always sit on her special and not cast.