Does Zocc acr smart in defence team? Please help

Hi guys, all know Zocc has risky special skill for defence team, but I attack some players who have Zocc in their defence team and when he fire, he always my hero that have max mana, some kind of smart attack to not help enemy got free mana.
So does it right? I have Zocc and I want to full ascend him but I hesitate to use him in defence team, in another hand if I ascend him he will be one of most powerful hero and I love to use him in defence.
So there are two kind of question if he does not act smart how much percent using him would be risky.

Well, its bigger chance that he will hit hero with filled mana, beacuse he helps filling it by 50%. So he can work on defence too.

Attacking player can some times work around that, by trying to empty hero mana before Zocc fires… Not always possible and you are still hindered for next few turns when he has his ailment on your hero…

I would never put him on defense, he does not hit hard and if the attacker has Grazul, Vanda or Malosi Zocc is basically helping the attacking team by giving mana.

As per usual, it depends on your roster. What are your other nature options? Who are your other rogues competing for emblems? What do the rest of your defensive options look like, and is Zocc likely to be flanking or on a wing?

Zocc isn’t the best defensive option, but he’s certainly not the worst either.


Last team I played with Zocc I thanked by killing their healer with Joon. Who Zocc had powered up.

Zocc is not good on defense.

As Ahab said above, it depends on which other green heroes are available to you. List a few of your other options and we can give better advice.

He often works in favor of the attacker. Block him with Malosi, trigger him and let him charge the target.