Does your bench count towards war pairing?


Our record so far is 5-30. We’re trying to figure out why we always get beat by at least 1000 pts. One member suggested that maybe our benches were inflating our score. So before we do anything drastic like burn 5*, I would like to know if they matter or not. Thank you.


Yes, they do, but with less emphasis than your top 5 cards.

And please, don’t eat cards to get better war pairing for the crummy loot you get.

We had an issue where several players had huge benches of 30+ maxed 4* and 3/70 5* and they were screwing up the matching. They left (I was one of them) and the matching got WAY better.

Also - the biggest determinant to winning and losing for us more often than not (but not always) was using all the hits, and using them intelligently.


Thanks, most of us have at least 10 4* idle heroes. We decided that if it helps with the pairing, we would sacrifice some of them. It’s not really about the loot anymore, it’s about winning or not losing by such a large margin. Thanks again @sleeperZ96BT!


Dont sacrifice any heros for a chance of better pairing!

Noble but wastefull thing to do.

Keep them and level them up instead. Pays off even though it might take some time.


This is horribly random, but if your alliance doesn’t have very deep benches, then stacking 5 of the same colour unlevelled or minimally levelled heroes for a war flag can be a good tactic. If you’re dealing with unlevelled heroes for your last flags, doing 5 of same colour maximizes your tile damage. You’re only trying to manipulate the board for one colour, and sometimes you can cause some real mayhem! :wink: :smile:

(and as the others said, don’t sacrifice heroes for your war matching!)


Oh, wow. Ok, I’ll relay the info to my teammates and see what path they want to take. Thanks


The matching looks at your top 30 heroes, which are the ones you will use in the war anyway. Getting rid of heroes in your top 30 would change matching, but then those heroes are not available for attack, so I don’t see how that could possibly help the situation. Plus, as stated above, the loot totally sucks considering the time spent, so don’t do anything drastic to improve loot chances.