Does your alliance ever lose wars on purpose?

  • Yes, we have (please explain reasons below)
  • No, we would never do that
  • We’ve never done that, but we might consider it
  • I’m not in an alliance / my alliance doesn’t participate in wars

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My alliance has never done this, but it seems like some of our previous opponents have. I’m guessing they didn’t want their war scores to get too high. Maybe this is an actual strategy? My thought has always been, either we lose now or we win now and lose later, six of one, half a dozen of the other, etc. Is there an actual benefit to losing on purpose to keep your future opponents “easier”? Or does it all work out the same either way?

I think I can see how / why an alliance might choose this as a strategy… you beat all the “easy” opponents, then lose on purpose to the “medium” ones, that way you go back to just fighting “easy”… versus my alliance who tries our best to beat “medium” opponents until we inevitably get our butts kicked by a “hard” opponent… maybe we should just throw a few on purpose to keep our fights nice and easy? Seems a little boring, like the war equivalent of cup dropping, but maybe that’s actually an efficient strategy for filling war chests faster… :man_shrugging:

Thoughts? Opinions? Flags? Off-topic rants? Personal insults against me for being dumb enough to even propose such a ridiculous discussion? All thoughts are welcome.


I’ve never been convinced by any of the ways people might manipulate war scores - like cycling an entire alliance worth of alt accounts in and out.

Losing on purpose seems counter intuitive…why not try to win and you might anyway?

Maybe it could give you a small bump in total win %?

Personally I fight to the death every time, never cup drop and always play to win.


As the system balances it you will lose eventually.
No matter when the day comes, it will arrive. Maybe the only exception is top 100 alliances who can make a longer streak of winning.
But when you are not in top 100 game mechanics even it out by calculating win lose ratio when matching is done.
So I see no purpose at all in losing a war by choice. If we win we win if not, well we lost I suppose.


Yeah, I don’t see the point either… I mainly ask because it really seems like our last war opponent threw the war on purpose. They easily could have won if they used all of their flags, but they didn’t. One of their higher levels (a co-leader to boot) logged on in the middle of the war and didn’t use a single flag. We only beat them by about 350 points, and I’m pretty sure that one member alone could have made up the gap. By comparison: our alliance has only 11 warring accounts so each team is worth roughly 150 points; I scored over 400 points, and the opponent co-leader I mentioned was much higher in level and TP than me, so it stands to reason that he/she could have easily scored 400 points with their flags and secured a win… so why did they not use a single flag? That’s not the first time I’ve seen that happen.

I’m not suggesting it as a course of action, I’m just puzzled because it seems like some of my opponents have “let us win”. I’m just wondering why a team would do that… maybe there’s some kind of strategy I don’t know about, like the whole “disbanding and starting a new alliance” thing that was discussed in another post.

The only time I’ve seen an alliance “lose a war on purpose” and I use quotes, cause we don’t see their chat, and wouldn’t understand it anyway probably because they were Russian, and we have no Russians in our alliance presently, extreme inhale was when an entire alliance left except for the leader. It started with 2, then 50% left, then the rest. That poor leader either suffered the worst mutiny of their life, or they kicked everyone slowly. That obviously cost them the war.

We never lose a War on purpose, but I’m sure it could look that way sometimes. One of our strongest members often suffers from bad boards. Some wars she’ll get nearly 400 points. Others, she’s lucky to get 200. Those more unlucky wars probably make us look like we’re losing on purpose.

I will also say that my husband has had this theory. Just like in Raid Tournaments, you could win yourself into an impossible matchup, and sometimes not recover for a few more matchups cause you aren’t dropping fast enough. I could see the plan that if you only need 1 point to fill a war chest, and it’s guaranteed anyway, you might lose on purpose to fall into an easier matchup and make the next chest fill that much faster.


I’d like to think we do sometimes

But we don’t


Never intentionally lost a war and don’t really see the point. Seems like only fighting the “easy” oppents would get boring and old. But I enjoy the challenge and the not knowing of fighting “harder” teams. Plus I love watching the growth of my lower level people and seeing their improvements in war scores and the teams they are able to take or clean up.


Oh I’ve seen a lot of interesting things in our wars. Like, after the war has concluded and we beat the opposing team, a bunch of the opponents who didn’t use their flags are suddenly listed as “ex member”, or former elders and co-leads demoted to “member” :laughing: I love that!

I mean, it’s sad in a way, seeing teams break up, but also amusing to know that (1) their leader is sick and tired of putting up with slackers and (2) knowing that my alliance was the one who lit the fire under their ■■■ so to speak.

And no, I never assume that an opponent threw the war just because they got low scores. I assume either bad boards on their end or nice defenses on my end. Got one lower level player on my team who doesn’t score a whole lot of points offensively, but his defense is deceptively strong, gobbling up many opponent war flags every single time. The ones that I think are losing on purpose are the ones who log on, have flags, sit there for a while, then log off without even using them.

Why? I mean I guess some people might not have 30 heroes (though seriously, if you’re over level 30 and participating in wars, you should have at least 30 heroes, unless you really don’t care at all)… but I’ve seen level 40-50+ log on during the war and not use flags. Then we beat them. And they probably think we’re using some kind of exploit or something, because we’re all lower level than they are, they probably wonder “how did we get beat by a bunch of level 20s and 30s?” And I’m thinking “ummm how are you level 50 and you only used 1 war flag?” :thinking: Are you losing on purpose, or just daft?

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Oh okay, yeah I totally get this! I see this happen a lot and wonder often as well. We had a level 35 something on our team who had never warred before (lone wolf-in’ it for a long time before joining us) and he saw he couldn’t use his original team again and just didn’t use anymore flags. After a conversation we convinced him, any points were good points, and all flags are useful.

I often just assume it’s laziness on the other players’ parts when an enemy team that seems strong and capable has any unused flags. Which I guess could debatably be purposefully throwing the war.

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I don’t think it would serve any advantage unlike letting a too strong titan escape. When we let a titan escape it’s a good strategy.

I’m sure if we could even get our players to agree that we should purposely lose a war, at some point it would become de-moralizing and we’d lose members.

We’ve won enough wars against tougher alliance to know we should never give up. On the other hand, where is the fun in just trying to fight weaker alliances all the time?


This is the main reason I’ve never tested my husband’s theory. He’s in my alliance and he understands our other members would NOT go for it. We broke 5k one time and still lost, and the next matchup was IMPOSSIBLE. My husband had a big “I told you so” face, but I just know I couldn’t convince my members to throw in the towel early. We fight tooth and nail no matter the opponent and just deal with the ebb and flow of matchups.


Yeah, letting titans escape is one thing, to save flags for the next. But you can’t save war flags. Our last opponent left something like 20 flags unused. They could have beat us if they had used them, even if they only averaged 20 points per hit. I don’t get it! Which is why I’m wondering if maybe they lost on purpose, like maybe that’s something that some alliances do, maybe there’s a logical reason for not using flags that I’m not aware of.

I’m going into our next war knowing upfront that our next opponent is far stronger than we are, and significantly stronger than our previous opponent, but that’s what happens after you win 3 in a row. My plan is for us to just fight as hard as we can and accept the outcome either way. They’ll probably win, but I don’t want to make it easy for them. Even if they’re ahead by 1000+ points and I only have 2 flags left, I’m still going to use them. Might as well go down fighting.


I’ve seen that, too, several times and I always wonder why…

We had a new player who didn’t KNOW that he could still use his flags after his defense was defeated, but that’s another story - he was no level 50 co-leader :wink:


I’ve done that. Once. Logged on to fill my chests, thinking I’d return later for the war, then forgetting there even was a war …

Embarrassing. :scream:


First wars are always awkward, even with the in-game “training tutorial,” and having a helpful alliance to hold your hand through it. My first war went really badly. But I was a level 12 at the time with mostly 2* heroes on my bench. There’s really no excuse for a level 30-50+ who has been in their alliance for 300+ days to not understand the basics of war mechanics. They know better!

Unless it’s a situation like @Sidhekin , maybe they just forgot. :laughing: Hey, that’s cool! Temporary memory lapse. Hopefully you’re in a forgiving alliance in that case, and thanks for the war loot! :+1:


Yeap, we’ve lost a few - I wouldn’t say on purpose, but willingly.
1st, we are a family alliance, so when we went to vacation, we all agreed to let it go.
2nd, we’ve discovered that after 3 weeks of vacation, when we came back, the enemy alliance was very very weak and we thought this might have something to do with the fact that last 6 wars we didn’t score anything.
So everyonce in a while, when they become tough, we just loose one on purpose for the next easy money one.

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The only time our enemys lost on purpose was due to inner conflict. 28 out of the 30 members left the alliance after the war has started.
But I think unused flags are simply unused due to people being to lazy, bad with timing, asleep, drunken, forgetful or kidnapped by aliens.

I can see no advantage in losing a war on purpose other than hurting my fellow alliance members.


Yeah, that I understand, I’m in a family alliance as well and we did lose a war due to a family member’s medical emergency (we didn’t use any flags that war, but we opted out of wars after that one until they were able to come back)

Drunken? I have warred drunk. And to the best of my recollections and such, I’m pretty sure I won that one (though I might have been playing a different game, or fighting a trash can in an alley or something).

Also, being kidnapped by aliens is not a valid excuse either. In my experience, most UFOs have pretty decent Wifi.


Take me to your leader. :robot: