Does WuKong and Blind stack?

I’m 99% positive blind and Wukong doesn’t work this way.

Yer, I hadn’t heard that before.

Does it stack, over-write or average?

Since blind and gambler’s stance are two different effects I guess the accuracy debuff adds up.

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This has also always been my impression.

First a 35% chance to miss from Justice blind and if it is a hit then a 32% Wu chance to miss. The blind icon doesn’t go away after a Wu special. I’m pretty sure, but no hard evidence, that my misses go up when hit by Justice/Hu/Joon etc.

@rook @coppersky

I’d really like to find out about whether Wu and blind stack. Do you guys know? Could you split the thread if it’s worthy so others can continue with their Wu appreciation?


I’m interested too! Does Wu’s Gambler Stance stack with, say, Justice’ Blind (miss)?

It surely stacks. 20 chars

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When fighting a yellow titan, if it blinds you while you have wu special active, if you click on any hero you see both status active, while usually effects that overwrite one another also overwrite the status written on the hero card

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Evidence of the stacking:

This battle was over in 2 or 3 turns after this happened, and I got the rough impression about 1/3rd of the tiles missed. Had this happen one other time since, and got the impression maybe almost half the tiles missed (also a very small sample size). Neither of these are remotely large enough samples to draw any conclusions from.

If I’m doing this math right… the combined miss ratio would be 1 - (.65 * .68) = 55.8%.

I’m not sure how to reasonably prove this is correct other than collecting a lot of samples, which for me is not very likely… :slight_smile:

But since we do know the effects stack, it does make sense to me that way.

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It very obviously stacks. Most often in these silly games the stacking is additive, not multiplicative. Even though the later would be correct in a math sense.

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This sounds right to me and would coincidence with my ancedotal evidence too. :grin:

@Rook while I don’t mind the topics being split, I do think there needs to be a post in the other thread challenging the misleading information.

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Please feel free to make one, referencing this thread; the other thread should already have a link though.

Can anyone confirm that gem misses due to blind (including Wukong) generate double mana?

As in they count as ghosted tiles?
I’m pretty sure they don’t because that would be a major advantage to what is supposed to be the downside of his special.

If he could get the whole team to charge quickly and cause the significant Attack buff, it would be way too OP.

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You only generate double mana for tiles that go through empty space.

A miss generates as much mana as a hit.

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And blindness would not be a very useful debuff on defense teams, cause it would cause attacking team to charge mana hyper fast

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Thanks. And do the missed hits result in the same mana generation for enemy heroes that would have been hit as if the hits didn’t miss? I should just go test this…

Missed hits counts the same that a on target one.

Hey guys… talking about stacking, if I was to use 2 Wu’s on a team and they both popped their special skills, even though they are the same special, they are 2 different heroes, do their specials stack and count as one per individual? Or does one cancel out the predecessor?

I’m asking cuz I have a yellow hero shortage and a few unleveled wu’s. My luck to get guin has failed so far. Just wondering if a second wu would be worth the investment or if I should wait.

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