Does Wu Kong special ability affect counterattack of Riposte? [No, on your own team, but it will increase the damage you take when hitting an enemy with counterattack]

Does his special attack also affect your heros counter attack or ripotse

No, just to miss with a chance of 68%. Huge increase of att with gambling for just one third of the hits. But it’s worth it all the time and will be dispellable. All the hits (tiles and special attacks) will nearly deal double damege for five turns.

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I know it increases their regular attacks and special attack so my question is with elena’s counter attack or boril ripotse does it increase that attack as well

Yes, it will with the same disadvantage to score a miss.

If you are talking about your defense counter then no it wont affect the damage or a chance to miss, as the counter is based on the opponents attack
But if you are fighting someone with counter then any hit lands with wu special is on will have a massive counter, i had many heroes died from counter while wu is on
Its a 2 edged sword


Why talking about miss here?

And again about miss chance.

So if my Wu is ON and Elena ON, then Elena counter attack only damage from Opponent, just like normal without Wu ON.

So if My WU is ON and opponent Riposte is ON, then if we hit the riposte, it will effect Wu skill percent attack.

OK, summarize, bring Wu to Riposte opponent is danger.
And bring Wu with Riposte together has no advantage.

Because Wu makes heroes miss with normal and special attacks.

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Yes, ok thats another cases… the OP question about affecting Riposte together with Wu.
So, if Elena ON, then Wu ON. So opponent attack Elena has no bonus Wu here. Thats it I think.

Regarding about miss, yes Wu has chance to miss with normal and special attacks.

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