Does Ursena and Mitsukos Buff overwrite each other’s and if why?

So I’ve been told from an Alliance Member that has Ursena and Mitsuko ,that their Elemental Counterattack Buff overwrite each other’s. Is that meant to be or is that a Bug ? And I think it schuldn’t of because they are different Element!

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Yes they overwrite each other

No bug
Intent of design as far as i know

And because it’s not a statistical elemental buff or debuff so therefore yes they over write. If riposte heros overwrite each other, then it only makes sense that reflects overwrite since same category even though different colors

Elemental statistical buffs/debuffs dont overwrite each other due to how they fit into the damage formula. Same color buffs/debuffs obviously overwrite though but i think you see what i mean

Yes I understand that but it’s not like they stack and don’t really have an advantage in the game imo!

Imagine if Mitsuko and Ursena’s elemental reflect stacked. You could easily kill yellow and blue heroes in raid defenses. The AI is too dumb, it always fires specials against counterattacks.

In the future SG could release heroes with green, red and dark counters. Stacking all those heroes would be an OP advantage, imo.


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