Does Triton's Healing Boost Aegir?

Does Triton stack with agiers healing

Yes, Tritons buff affects all health ups, heal, regenerated life points over time and health potions.

Cool it makes agiers healing better it’s a shame that they are not ready at the same tome

Since Tritons buff lasts 4 turns and he is fast mana, the opportunity of getting the advantage is good.

Together will be great against titans and wars I’m not to sure about defence any thoughts

Why not?

The upgraded Aegir is an okay tank now or a great flank.

Green tank (Kashhrek) with Aegir and Triton on flanks will work. The stack against the tank will be weak against the flanks.

Or Aegir as tank and Triton on wing, just avoid putting them side by side.

Different question, but kinda similar…

Does Triton get his buff overwritten by Persues / sand empire heroes / Sargasso?

Kinda curious about this. Since their debuff reduces healing received, I would assume so since it’s the opposite of what Triton does. But just thought I’d ask. Would you happen to know @Olmor?

would test if I could, believe me! But I don’t have the heroes.

Sorry, met Perseus multiple times, but never tried to counter him with Triton. I guess no, since this nasty ailment of Perseus can’t be cleansed.

But nice idea to try. Hopefully Tritons buff won’t increase Perseus’. :thinking: :wink:

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