Does Triton’s healing works with Kasshrek

I’m wondering if Triton increase health for all allies if his beside Kasshrek because I know Kasshrek healing is working only on nearby allies??

Healing is healing, yes it will work.

Kashrek only heals nearby allies.

If you trigger a healer that affects all heroes with triton’s special enabled, everyone will get +39% healing received to whatever they get from the healer.

So if you had a mana troop that provided a 15% healing bonus, and the base heal as 400 (just an example), final calculation is below:

(400 * 1.15) *1.39 = 636 HP

I just want to know if Triton hill all allies if he is close to Kasshrek simple yes or no no mats or anything else. My troop is 3* so they don’t have stats to increase manna.

Triton’s special buffs all heroes. So even if Triton is not next to Kashhrek, the three who do get Kashhrek’s healing will get extra healing because of Triton’s buff.

I am so sorry!


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That’s very good because then Kasshrek take the place to Kiril because his better tank and I’ll get 4 Snipers to attack in raids or eaven defence. Anyway I’ll going to try that’s later on because Kasshrek and Triton are in tier 2 only so they are wek and die quickly

Triton buffs a healer, and does not heal himself, so kash will only heal 3 ppl regardless of Triton! He will simply heal the 3 ppl more

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I have try now and is not working eather way with Triton beside kashhrek and far to kashhrek so no work

Heal boost from triton works on all healers in the board (kiril, kashrek, melendor, BT…) . Works also with regeneration buff btw if you’re wondering (aeron, ares, guenievre, alberich… )

No is not working only with a proper healer not with kashhrek because I have try just now

Could you explain exactly what happened? Here’s what should be happening: you cast Triton first, then while the buff is still active, you cast Kashhrek. The heroes healed by Kashhrek will then give more healing than they would get without Triton. The heroes not adjacent to Kashrek will still not be healed.

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Yes so I use from left to right
Li Xiu
Boss Wolf
And then I have tried to switch Gormek with Triton to see what’s happening and only those 3 guys beside Kashhrek get life the others 2 not at all and I have stay to get them hit and nothing happened

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Triton increases healing

Doesnt heal

Yes I aware of that but I have try to se if I put Triton beside kashhrek maybe Triton hill the others as well

I think it is working you just aren’t noticing the boost. Also, Triton should be to the left of Kash.

No is not working and witch is the difference to put Triton on left or right beside kashhrek because he is beside him anyway and I activate Triton first and then kashhrek and nothing and I keep eyes open to see numbers of there’s life and those 2 guys on extreme they don’t get any life

They wont get any life. Triton doesnt heal.

He increases the percentage kash and 2 allies get from healing

But doesn’t increase the amount of heros that get the heals

It’s the way the special skill is supposed to work

Kash heals himself + 2 heros

Triton will not change that

It’s because you must cast triton BEFORE kaskrek. Triton ability allow healers to heal more than the usual. Do some test on it, one test with only kashrek and one test where you cast triton spell before casting kashrek healing.

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On defense, if Triton is to the left of Kash, when their specials go of during the same turn Kash’s heal will benefit from Triton’s buff. If Triton is placed to the right, it will not, because special skills are activated from left to right.