Does titan and war score follow each player?


I have a question about titan and war scores.
Each allience has a score total I know that.

But if you change allience does a part of that score ( your individual score if one exists) follow you along or do you start from scratch.

Here is a senario make make things simplier.

If a whole allience where to create a new allience and every member moved to that new allience, would there titan scores and war scores start from scratch or would the current allience score follow all those same members to the new allience?

Reason for the question is that our current new AW opponents who are mostly leveled at 35 plus all have only been in this allience for 11 days.

This got us to thinking about these questions above thus why I am asking.

Please note I am in way accusing them of having done anything wrong in any way what so ever.
As I said it just made us think of possible reasons for every single member having been in the same allience all at exactly the same time


Alliance scores are based on cups and titan performance, so only the cups would follow the player. War scores are based on each members top 30 heroes with top 5 weighted more, plus win/loss record so as people level, join and leave than number will change.


Ok, yes I know that but you missed the concept of the question.

Titan score is based on what that allience did no matter who comes and goes.
Same as war score is an allience total.

My question is. If every player where to change to a whole new allience together would those scores drop back down.

Meaning new war score as an allience and also new titans starting back at lowest level meaning lower titan scores.

Yes I do believe so I changed to a new alliance and the titans went down and we won all first 5 wars in a row

If everyone joined a new alliance at the same time, the Alliance score would drop because there would be no titans killed to be added. The war score would drop also because there would be no win/loss record. That would be one heck of a strategy to fill the war chest, create a new alliance every 5 wars so you start at scratch.


Right me and my team of 20 left a alliance made a new one and that is what happened to us

Hmmm, that’s what I thought.

This makes for an interesting allience strategy then as when you get to a point that you lose a few then get everyone to change to a new allience and start again.


I would call that a loophole in The system then really for faster and more wins.

Titans score start anew, the cups follow the players and the alliance war’s matchmaking will still find alliances around the same size but with more variance, due to the lack of win/lose record.

The war score would change but not necessarily drop. As staff has described it, war score is mostly determined by heroes and troops. That raw score is adjusted up if you have a recent winning record, and down if you have a recent losing record.


And that strategy of creating new alliances, could help winning more AW. But at the cost of killing titans of low levels for some time losing chances of AM. Probably would be more lost than the advantages of winning more wars

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War not raw,lol. Happens to me all the

Yes and that win/loss rate differance would still be there allowing for lower matchmaking in new allience.
As I said a loophole so to speak.

I would have thought that each player could have individual scores which woukd follow them around thus letting the system know that player is either good, no so good or what ever but it would stop strong alliences who win heaps doing this to gain an advantage because they have reached a tough spot in titans and wars.

Like i said, I am in no way saying they are doing anything wrong as loopholes are there to be found and used and as we are a strong allience our selves all our members picked up on this concept instantly and are now talking about doing the same.

Agreed but when you look at the drop rate of those AM’s at our currently level, some may be more inclined to go for lower to increase chances of leveling mid range heros faster over the wait for 5* heros taking so long.

@Wolfwarrior says it correctly.

I looked for another post on this but didn’t find one.

All you have to do is leave an alt in each alliance which is opted out for war, you go to one alliance for war one for titans. Yes you will have a few lower level titans to fight is the war alliance but hit your regular titans in the titan alliance or just merc. This does seem like a possible issue. If you leave some alts opted in for war in the titan alliance to create losses, you can then switch where you are having your wars every chest. As the alts create a loss record to lower the war score for the titan alliance.
It gets a hair complicated but not too much.

Yeah yeah, no one would do something like that!

…maybe :roll_eyes:

You mean , like this:


But, as I said. With this strategy the Titan won’t be of higher levels. And they are one of the best sources of AM. Way better than AW.

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Yes, but based on what we have seen, it looks like each win impacts the war score less than the leveling a alliance of 30 can do from the start to the end of a war. So it hardly sounds like a strategy that would have any sort of real impact on your score.

Maybe it would have a greater impact on smaller alliances, and maybe if you created two of these alts so you are rotating between 3 alliances and you are always joining an alliance with 10 losses. Then maybe it could have more impact.

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Reorganization every 5 wars would only be beneficial if the alliance was full of solid raiders, because the war score gets raised when you win your war. If you win 5 in a row for the chest, then go to a form a new alliance, you drop those 5 upward adjustments and effectively re-neutralize your war score. Not sure anything can be done about it.

However, if you lose more than half your wars, your war score has been adjuted down to get you easier matches. If you tried this strategy of forming a new alliance, you’d effectively raise your war score by re-neutralizing it, so it would work against you. Determine what kind of alliance you have before trying this, because face it, some people are not good raiders.

This problem coukd easily be solved if there where an each player score which stayed with the player when they moved alliences.

This woukd that it would become pointless for whole alliences to create and move to a new allience as they woukd end up with the score totals either way. PROBLEM SOLVED.

Everything starts from the beginning. Titans and war chests

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