Does this stack?

104% resistance vs specials?..
No text says otherwise?


Yes, looks stackable, but it won’t be purely an addition.

Mostly you wanted to share your hilarious heroes, though, right? :rofl::rofl:


Ha, that’s a sharp eye!

@ Marjana - y so srs?


Yea ofcourse :smiley:, but also curious about the maths seeing it would be slightly op with a 100%+

I might have to level up this “touched up” squad to field test this vs real opponents.

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Argh! That’s a frightful crew of scallywags you have there.

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@DaveCozy is Professor Buff, he might cast an eye over it for you :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you very much!

/going back to herosplicing lab!.. :grin:


Careful. If it’s an SGG building it may cost 150 gems and a non-farmable MAT to Splice.

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Yes, it is +104% SS defense. It’s a multiplier that gets applied in this part of the damage formula that has been calculated by players:

In other words, you don’t reduce damage from skills by 104% like it might seem (that would be OP) – instead, the damage you take is reduced by more like 52%.

You can further reduce the damage if you add in a defense buff too.

With Kadilen and defense buffs mixed in, I’ve gotten enemy snipes to hit for around 300 damage. So with Clarissa you might even be able to reduce it to even less.


It can be quite confusing when an undispellable elemental link is active at the same time as a similar buff or debuff:

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