Does this game freaking cheat

I was on a raid and I was winning and then my heroes just start dying and I am not sure why they were not being hit by anything that I could tell and they just started dropping off and dying period two or three of them in like two or three seconds just gone and I could not tell this just the way that the game says you’re going to lose no matter what or there’s some sort of glitch or does the game just cheat. This is happened to me several times and it really pisses me off because I was ahead and winning and lose for no reason that I can tell. So does anyone know what’s going on and why it does this?

Post a video next time it happens so we can see what you’re talking about. Thanks.

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Maybe have started to meet Gravemaker? Can underestimate that damage if your heroes are half dead.

Edit: Hah, ninjad!

My guess would be that you were hit with a dot special attack.

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Maybe DOT, Riposte, or draining effects were the culprit

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As far as I know my heroes or not under any draining effects or even half dead. It was like poof and they’re gone

Definitely sounds like a glitch to me

The other day an enemy Skittleskull killed my entire team with his special. A couple were at full health.

It’s quite scary how hard some specials and even the normal slash attacks hit with a Wu kong buff on.

Oh, those times when I faced a Scarlett that bringed down 3 heroes at once. Thank god that’s past now.

Its called Damage Over x Turns. Get use to it.

There was no wu kong buff on, thus the part that confused me.

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If you have a team of 3* heroes or half leveled 4* such things happen. Get stronger.

3 5’s and 2 4’s most fully leveled. Again hence my confusion

you may have to record your raids moving forward. when it happens again post it up, we may get a better idea.

Maybe something like that but they did not die all the same time, they were like a second apart

Without video, it’s impossible for us to tell you exactly what happened; we’re all offering educated guesses.

If you’re not paying attention, even a general DoT (damage over time) effect can be devastating, even more so a high level special that ramps up a DoT so that the latter hits are more powerful than the first ones.

Next time, screenshot your opponent so at the very least we know who you were fighting and can give better advice.

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I appreciate it thanks

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