😭 Does this game📉, as it is, gonna end in next summer? (and continue in a new manner, a more p2p way?) #6

@Petri … While I know that you are all busy, is there any way to calm the nerves of some of the players who feel the game will close completely soon?

@Staff_SGG This forum needs some idea of what to believe due to so many rumors. Alot of us still love this game and the community but feel in limbo.

Please and thank you.


I said it before and I’ll say it again. They seems to be dumping everything at such a fast pace to make as much profits on everything before they go belly up. They want every last penny before they say adios.


I did my part :laughing: the rest is a waiting game :laughing:

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I don’t know because petri has a lot more invested. If the game goes under, we lose a frivilous game…petri loses his livelyhood.


I agree with @Chadmo

  • Do they milk the cash cow at every opportunity?
  • Does it make sense for them to go cold turkey on the cow?
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SGG AS ALWAYS NO COMMENT thank you :face_with_hand_over_mouth:.

This is exactly what people sometimes don’t realise … Alll Sgg staff have a job I doubt they want it to go under and be unemployed and start Somthing else from strach expecially with Mobile games are everywhere… Sure they still have Puzzle combat I doubt that gets the same revenue as empires…



You are not wrong


technically Zynga purchased 80% in 2019-January, and

the last part is scheduled for purchase in 2022-January

That just means Zynga owns 100% of SGG in 2022-January

Think of it as paying in installments

100% ownership

Why Zynga would pay all that money, only to close down the game when it is finally paid off?


If Empires is doing poorly, better to close it down early to reduce the price of the remaining SGG shares

Server fees

Server fees are usually pretty cheap

The first sign of game abandonment is usually the forum filling up with unanswered customer complaints

The second sign is usually reduction in forum staff

The third sign is usually reassigning the community manager ( AKA @Petri )


Zynga Hoodies

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Perhaps if folks didn’t start random threads re-hashing old news and stirring discontent, they wouldn’t need to?


Sorry wrong post reply my bad.



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The game’s not going anywhere any time soon. SG is just trying to increase revenue as much as possible before the last payout since they are paid based on a percentage of that. It’s why they care so little about game balance right now. If the game is a complete mess after the payout, that’s Zynga’s problem, not SGs. No way that Zynga just lets the game die though. They’ll run it as long as it’s profitable to do so. They might not invest much new into it though, so they could wind up managing the game the same way a New York super manages a rent controlled apartment. Basically the bare minimum required to keep money flowing.


It may end up in a very similar way comparing to Plants vs Zombies.

Huge success when game first launched in 2009 by PopCap. EA then bought PopCap in 2011 for $750m. Kicked out the two founders (maybe three) of PopCap in 2014 and took over the game development themselves.

The game has never regained its popularity since then, but hey it is still around even today.


So… You’re gathering evidence and speculate based on your own postings?


and yet an answer is so simple! don’t pay don’t stress! game end up? never mind :slight_smile: there are alot another games…

I think the same than you :+1::+1:

2022 is a bit too soon to shut down the game, there is still s5 on the horizon. I’d expect by the end of 2023 the soonest when they have milked enough.

But any comment from the staff would be welcomed…


Does the title of this need changed??

When you log into the forum it makes it seem like there is a real known fact that the game is ending when in fact it’s in its prime. lol.

I dunno know it seems deceiving.


As I can see, this is your 6th or 7th topic adressing SGG, and all about the same thing… People are leaving the game, Zynga is going shut down the game, BIG THINGS behind the curtain… and all I can see is that all of that is based on your personal view… No facts , no officialy statements… just your speculations…

So , enjoy… play the game or not… cheers


It needs moved or something imo

Also…. They devs not fortune tellers
They cannot answer how long a game will be around.

Nobody buys into a massively profitable game to then destroy it. Also, zynga is not really known for getting rid of games. All their games are still around.

If anything Stuff like this will make the dev not care and feel unappreciated and not like their job. That will make things bad.

Sheesh the way some ppl are acting makes me wanna “accidentally put the wrong quest out” lol (I don’t think they did that on purpose at alll. I think when the update came out the quest reset to 1. Which was blue and since almost all quest are random they just forgot to tell it too go to 5). But either way. My point is. If they Keep it up. yeah you’ll distroy the game we all love.


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