Does the Platinum Wanted Chest give Epic Hero Tokens often?

Does the Platinum Wanted Chest (the 40/40 hero one) give Epic Hero Token often? (Or other things that can be used to summon high level heroes)

Currently 3 of the heroes on my main team are 4/50 lvl. I’m trying to decide what to focus on.

It gives a little better loot than the Gold chest, but not too much better. Not many epic hero tokens at all. It’s best to stay in whatever arena you can easily win matches in, to fill more chests.


@Abel Even the diamond tier very seldom gives EHTs.


The loot in the various chests is completely random. Check out this thread for examples of some great loot.

Even mystic vision sometimes gives great rewards.


See the following link for the best areas to get 4* ascension items. List of methods for acquiring unfarmable ascension materials via playing / Where to earn nonfarmable ascension materials through gameplay


It’s ramdom but yes i’ve gotten hero & troop tokens as well as Ascension items.
I got a hero token an hour ago

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