Does the green tank work better than dark in war?

Which is the better tank in war green or dark?

Nearly all top 100 got either Heimdall or Telluria. Does this mean green is the better tank for war?

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Green might be better for now if your alliance can field a high percentage of Telluria, Heimdall and Yunan tanks. Once you get past those three options, its a pretty steep decline. Purple offers better options past the first 3 imo.

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I think alliances outside the top 10ish should be in the set it and forget it state of mind

Non whale players are already struggling for resources to work on their offenses

Changing defenses every time a team gets a whiff of that new tank smell only slows down progress

Few players improving their tank choice of same color or replacing a wing or flank is 1 thing

But all 30 swapping things in and out is a pretty substantial setback on resources


Agreed. I had an Alasie wing and recently pulled Finley. Just stripping the emblems off Alasie to put them on Finley ate up all my food for about a week. That was a week of stalled progress on anything else, no building battle items, etc…

If you are endgame with maxed troops and don’t need any more maxed heroes, then whatever… otherwise, not worth it.

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We were considering switch to green, but gave it a pause due to Clarissa coming out in May. She being Paladin and for now pretty desired hero that may land high in the emblem queues makes people reconsider whether they want to put all emblems on Tellurias/Heimdalls…

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The answer is it depends.

If your alliance has a majority of players who have telluria, Heimdall or Yunan maxed with the remainder able to use Kingston then YES, Green tanks work… For now.

The reason I say “for now” is that Telluria is a new hero… Same as Heimdall. They are still somewhat unknowns in terms of how to defeat them consistently & in a war setting where there are lots…

Purple is a proven thing. If your alliance has been successfully running Purple or Yellow tanks and DO NOT have a majority Telly/Heimdall/Yunan then there isn’t any point switching…

Down the track Greens may not have as much success as tanks as players work out how to beat them… But for now, yes a sea of Telluria/ Heimdall/ Yunan / Kingston is quite successful :slight_smile:


We are just inside top 5k, lol, and were stil running Blue tanks, with same colour pattern. The wars we have lost havent been by much since. We have Aegir, Frida, Richard and Vela for tanks. We havent tried Green, yet, and weve tried Purple, but we all dont have that good purple tank, 1 Ursena, 3 BW and 3 Kunchen.


For most alliances it’s probably better setting a team color and just let everyone “work” on their tunes.


Happy bDay :partying_face:

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Depend you must look at alliance overall… How many great tanks you have in each color? It can even be blue or red…
The overall view of your alliance is what determines it… Not in abstract way…
I belive 30 tellurias tanks are better than 30 kunchen tanks…

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