Does the game drain your phone battery?

Just curious if other people share this experience. If I just have the phone on but not actually “doing anything” it’ll drain 1% an hour.
Texts, phone calls etc, maybe 3% an hour.
This silly game, though, jeez. I can easily expect to drain 20% in an hour.
Is your experience similar?

I’m perpetually plugged in, so I don’t notice.

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Yeap, it is very heavy on the battery. It is the reason i’m pretty much always have my charger plugged in.

Said it before on some other topic, if I’m out of the house I basically can’t open the app because it kills your battery so fast.

I have a samsung galaxy s7 and it has a resource monitor that alerts me of apps using too much resources in the background. It has never alerted me for E&P; I have no idea how accurate that is, but I’ve had no problems.

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I use an LG brand something-or-other. I can’t afford the high end smart phones like Galaxy or Apple. This one is adequate, but I do wonder what the rapid drain-and-refill is doing to the battery’s longevity.

Rapidly drain and refill is better than keeping it plugged, AFAIK

Yes, this game drains battery a lot.

Hell yeah… Got a LG G4, actually drained my battery while plugged in with standard charger - bought a Quick Charge certified charger, now I’m safe. As long as I stay plugged in, that is.

Oh yeah, and this is huge problem for me while I usually play on my road to work and back. I always have to remember to fill my phone up before I leave.

KI did some research on this today because I’m not plugged in on Tuesday, and noticed a steady battery drain with nothing running. No apps on.

According to one website, there was a number of things I could do to fine tune my phone’s power management:

  • Fix push mail to fetch (make your phone only check for mail periodically, not constantly)
  • Turn Off Unnecessary Location Services (turn off Settings that send out your location beyond what is necessary for your phone to function)
  • Turn off Analytics (up to you)
  • Turn off extra notifications (wow, there were a lot of these!)
  • Turn off unused Background App Refresh
  • Turn ON auto-lock (to keep from wasting power on the purty purty screen)
  • Disable unnecessary visual effects

There were other items that I was already doing (swipe apps closed, power down phone once a week, keep phone cool but not cold, etc etc). I made the above changes today and am testing the results. So far, I am cautiously optimistic (the battery isn’t draining like a sieve now)!


S7 here… no problem with draining the battery.

Yes for me it does BUT I am on it Alot threw out the day as a leader. I am always checking in to make sure everything is fine no question that need to be answered. But I also got a app that helps close other apps that also drain my battery

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What battery save app do u use (if any?)

I know it’s old post but been happening to me…i got s7 too plugged in and gaming and still 20% battery drop

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