Does the Druid Class encourage you to take a defensive route?

Some classes (like Barbarian and Rogue) encourage you to take an offensive route.
Does the Druid Class does the opposite?

The Thorn Minion will inherit %15 of the ATK while it has the same DEF as the caster. Other words, it inherits %100 of the DEF, and it works like some extra HP.

No matter how much you focused on ATK on your Grid, maybe just %15 will always end up underwhelming?(I don’t have a very good grasp on the Companion skill yet. Need input from players with more experience.)

So, can we say Druid Class encourage you to prioritize DEF/Health over ATK while embleming?

Do you think it would be a good idea to follow a defensive route for Caedmon rather than an offensive route? (Which is already pretty common for Sonya who is a Paladin)

Generally, as for the routes on the talent tree, my thinking is it should be based on the hero. For example, my Alberich is also a Druid at +19, I focus getting the defensive nodes > health nodes. Though unemblemed yet, the same goes to my Guardian Gazelle. Both druid class heroes need to be beefy and sturdy enough for them to cast their valuable and game changing skills, spelling the victory or loss for your hit attempt. I think the same is applicable to Zimkitha, also a druid. But it would be different for Vela as she is best used as an attacking force. My Vela will be getting her 12th node talent (currently having 66 emblems), afterwards, all druid emblems will go to my Gazelle as there is no point raising Vela’s emblems no more because of the 2 nerfs placed on her on just a span of months from her month of release, making her almost a shell of her former glory. It’s a good thing I didn’t strip my Albe, very useful in my monogreens combating most Telly tanked teams.


Bumping this hoping for more comments

For me the minions are always an added bonus. It is more important to consider the effect on the hero. For offensive heroes like Caedmon I go attack to boost his hits regardless of class. For healers/support I tend to go defensive to boost their survivability. The minions are not a reliable factor.

Also, if I’m not mistaken, the thorn minion gets 15% of both attack and defense from the caster. It would be ridiculous to have a minion at 100% defense of the caster.

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Minions get health and attack from the caster. They have no defense of their own. If a hero with minions is hit, the damage is calculated with the defense stat of the minions owner. Then the healthpoints according the damage are taken from the minions first, if there is more damage than minions health all minions are destroyed and the remaining damage ist taken from the hero.

Please note the difference between minion caster and minion owner.
Minions are similar to boosted health or meat shields, just that they do some extra damage each round they hang around.


You’re right, I conflated health and defense.

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