Does the amount of defeated heroes accelerate the mana gain of the remaining heroes?

I was approached with this story.

A friend attacked a team in war of only 1 maxed onatel and she felt like her mana was accelerated with out her special affect even being on.

I know this is a thing for each dead hero on defense the amount of mana gained for the rest increase.

I can’t find it anywhere in the forum or guides and war isn’t on so I can’t check if it says it in game in any way. But I know it’s a thing maybe unwritten rule?

Tiles that hit spots without an opponent generate double mana.

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That’s not what this post is about

No, it doesn’t mattee how many enemy heroes are killled. Mana regenerate will be the same when you fighting with 5 heroes or 1 hero.

What do you mean by this ?

I just check in normal raids I’m hoping to test it souring next war :slight_smile:

Nothing, ignore me, i misread your post :slight_smile:

I am unaware of any effect on mana, but during wars, the war booster (field aid etc) charges faster the fewer heroes are still standing.


There’s no war booster that affects mana. You’re right field aid, attack boost and arrow attack are triggered more often if there are fewer alive defenders but it doesn’t affect their mana.


Glad we are in agreement :slight_smile:

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Onatel special is stealing mana from the target, that might feel like acceleration.

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