Does Sumitomo gain mana from the hit that kills him?

If he Revives, does he gain mana from the hit that kills him?

Opinions on embleming him, or overall opinions of him as a hero are also welcome.

I wouldn´t emblem him. There are plenty of better fighters in his tier.

I don´t like him, he hasn´t strong damage and doesn´t provide anything special to the team. His special hits weak and riposte for 1 hero is close to useless aswell.

I wouldnt spend blades on him´unless you don´t have any other reds.


Boof Booster tourneys?

He’ll revive with 1 hp, he only buffs himself, he’ll die the same turn unless a healer is ready, waiting to heal Sumi, which I highly doubt… so his mana is of no consequence. Even if he casts, and someone hits on his riposte, the damage would be just 1 hp… It would have to be a very friendly situation for his special to make a difference. There’s Boldtusk and Colen both 4* red fighters that can turn a battle around with that 1 hp…

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He is more likely than Colen and BT to fire with 1 hp if he gains mana from the hit though.

I have BT at +15, Colen barely leveled and currently working on Scarlett.

There the fighter issue with fighters revive with dots or another thang on on them when they do.
I would guess the way it should work is he’s dead with active riposte on he should revive just with one hp and that’s it.

Hmm, I recall facing a Boldtusk with burn who revived and died over and over until his mana filled and he healed himself enough to survive the burn. That would have been the regular turn mana gain but i don’t see why he wouldn’t also gain the mana from the hit.

Still, that one fact alone would not convince me Sumitomo was worth emblems.

I’m actually taking about the Mana he gains through his special. Not the mana every defense hero gains

Yes, and as I said …

I suppose it could depend on whether the mana gain counts before or after the damage causing the kill. It apparently counts before the burn (or perhaps simultaneous) for the regular mana gain.

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