Does special attack have strong/weak color similar to tiles

I rememer i read it somewhere that special attacks does not have strong/weak elementary barriers but i could be wrong

For example: special attack for bane- does it deals more damage to purple enemy than the other color when using special?

I think it has to say it in the special’s description specifically.

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Also color defense debuff is increasing the attack of the according color…

So i assume special attack does not have weak color unless otherwise specify

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E&P reply me that special effect does not stack, unless otherwise stated… not very related to my question :frowning:

Typically specials are neutral unless it specifically states in the card they do extra damage against an element OR if the enemy/you has elemental debuff or resist up the special will be adjusted accordingly to the debuff/resist.

Example: Kashrek elemental red resist will decrease damage done from a kelile/scarlett/colen etc special.
Example: a Jackal yellow elemental debuff on an enemy will cause Joon/Chao/etc to do more damage to that enemy.

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Ok now it feels alittle more confusing.
If specials are indeed color neutral: doesn’t that means kaskrek red elementary resist only applies to tiles?

You can say that elemental (de)buff reaches out to heroes of a specific color in general (=weak against purple heroes). So no confusion here, because the element itself is not specifically involved.

That’s why I like to differentiate or call it color debuff instead of elemental debuff.
Indeed the description may be misleading.

More confused? Ooops :angel:

Specials are color neutral. The exceptions are noted in the skill’s description e.g. Natalya “deals extra damage against nature”. However, element (or color) buffs and element (or color) debuffs apply both to tiles and specials. Kashhrek’s fire defense protects both from red tiles and red heroes’ specials.

That’s true for the upfront damage. Damage over time, like the burn effect from Colen, Kelile, etc. is not reduced by elemental shields.


True as @Kerridoc has said. DoT is not affected by defense, nor by the lowered or increased defense. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys for all feedbacks. Examples were really helpful to illustrate. :slightly_smiling_face:

Love and hate this game . Lol

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