Does SG regret Telly/Vela?

It would be great if anyone from @Staff_SGG wants to chime in, but everyone is welcome to offer opinions.

Was the initial release the mistake or the subsequent nerf?

Has there been a visible loss of confidence from the playerbase because of the release of those heroes?

Did the subsequent nerfing and #nospend have an impact?

What would or should have been done differently?

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  1. In my opinion, the initial release of both of these heros in original form was a huge mistake, subsequent nerfs are justified attempt to correct those mistakes. If SGG had in mind that the game is lacking strong, widely available green tank, I’m not sure how nobody could predict that Vela in original form would make such a deadly combo with such hero. The mistake was multiplied by the fact that Telluria in OF was not an ordinary green tank, but super strong as well. No matter how maybe obvious this was, I do believe this huge mistake was not on purpose. I strongly disagree with the common argument that it was all done just to drain money from the players, it smells too much like conspiracy theories - the train I’m really not ready to jump in.

  2. No, we all make mistakes. Sometimes huge mistakes. The whole process could have been done better, but before I lose my confidence I would like to see if SGG staff learned what’s needed to be learned from these mistakes. In other words, I’m giving them a chance to do things right.

  3. No idea, related to the previous answer, I believe they are aware of the mistakes made and they are trying to make things right. So, I do not participate in #nospend movement. I like this game and my behaviour has not been changed lately. I am one of very few forum-active people from my alliance, and I can tell - people outside of these pages are not that frustrated with these nerfs. At least many of them. On the other hand, I know some people being bored of what the game has become after releasing these heros.

  4. More pre-release testing. Much more. Better communication with beta testers, taking more seriously all the feedbacks. I’m not in beta so I have no idea how it works exactly, but if that process can be improved, it should be done asap. So that it can filter these kind of mistakes in the future.

That covers all. I really don’t take any of this personally.


There’s not more to say, really - excellent post @Slobix

My only real contribution is this… This game is a business to SGG.
There may be a labour of love in there for some of the team, but ultimately it’ll come down to profits and volume of players - if GTV significantly reduced the number of players online (due to stagnation and lack of variety in diamond) and the monthly takings then of course they’ll regret it.

The nerfs were necessary, and not quite enough.

The main problem though was a mistake of strategy - instead of treating HOTM’s as bonus heroes in themselves, they became bonus pulls that were almost essential and often uncontested “next to get mats” picks… Marginalising rarer heroes and instead of increasing diversity, just taking over.

I’d love to see SGG do something different with HOTM (maybe 5 months of 4* HOTM’s, dropping at 4* rates?) or simply keep them far enough behind the power curve that it’s not automatic for everyone to max almost all of them.

Maybe they’ll learn, maybe not, but what happened with Telly and Vela was definitely a mistake.


I think I’ll kick back and wait for the second coming before that one occurs.:joy:

Telly and vela weren’t a “mistake” they knowingly released two tier 1 heroes that were must have and generated them a lot of income. And then when people started quitting the game because of how oppressive those 2 are, they’ve decided to nerf the combo into oblivion because they have no respect for their playerbase and our wallets. It was a deliberate cash grab and now they’re walking it back because they want more money in the short term. SG has no delusions, this game won’t last forever. They are milking us as thoroughly as possible while they still have this cash cow. They do not care about the game. They only care about squeezing the playerbase as much as possible until the game dies.


Telluria with its current parameters should never been released in the game. After all, this is just a HotM like Aegir, Margaret and etc. She is not rare event hero. But we got OP hero and game was broken. Beta testers said about this before release, but SGG staff just ignored them and we got what we got.


Hotm heroes should be interesting but niche, not powerhouses like telluria or vela.
Even clarissa and malosi are too strong as hotm imo (malosi especially considering how powerfull he is in offence when played properly).

JF is a good example of interesting HOTM without powercreep


In my honest opinion…

  1. My view was that it was a genuine mistake to release Vela and Telluria in their original form AND as HOTM making them easily available on mass. Additionally it now looks like the rebalancing was rushed too quickly with insufficient data to make any change viable. We need more testing and SG needs to balance the feedback from beta with the need to increase revenue.

  2. I don’t necessarily think that players lost confidence in SG simply as a result of the release of these two heroes. We all make mistakes. But at the same time we must show that we learn from those mistakes. Personally, I don’t think SG have handled this situation as well as they could have. And to open up the “wound” again so soon beggars belief. If you look at the anger of some players venting in the forum and on other social media outlets such as Facebook, I would say yes there has been a negative impact on the way players currently view SG. I don’t think there has been an impact on them from a Significant financial point of view

  3. I don’t think the Call for everyone to stop spending has had much of an impact if any. SG is a business and will continue to introduce new ways to improve their revenue. And there will be the continued churn of old established players leaving the game and new “spenders” joining.
    With regards to the rebalance and now nerfing, yes it was needed, but my view is that they should have developed a strategy covering ALL heroes (especially S1) and communicated that. Decided what needed to be done and prioritised that in a short term, medium term long term plan. Set aside resources to work on that plan as a project, make changes test changes, retest changes and then release an amended hero/heroes that were fit for purpose and would only require minor tweaks say in 12 months time or longer.

  4. What would or should have been done differently- see above

You mean maybe, just maybe one day they will actually listen to BETA feedback from players - for everything, I mean. I think we have a greater chance to see a real life Unicorn! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hahahahahaha… Might be. But if this keeps happening, we will all leave due to unprecedented lack of professionalism. It’s up to them, they have a tool to avoid these grave mistakes. Let’s see if they will use it so that in the future we only have minor adjustments after heros are released, eventually. :wink:

I don’t think so because dev team is doing nothing to correct their mistakes.
They profited greatly and now using this as a test case to see how far they can push players. They are at the moment testing if players will endure big nerf’s to change meta’s so their profits can increase.


They might look back on them in hindsight and realize that they were mistakes, but I’m sure they don’t regret the money they brought in from them.

Andddd all the talk about people leaving, not spending, etc. Reality is that a lot of players already have either left or stopped spending.

But there’s always a new sucker to come in and take their place. So as long as the money keeps rolling in, I don’t think they really give a damn, TBH.

I’ve stopped spending myself, but they couldn’t care less about me, as my own spending was less than one percent of one percent of one percent of their revenue anyway. :grin:


I was away when all this started so I don´t know what people did.

But on these situations fixing things can make everythint worse. Maybe the best thing they can do is providing some strong counters to keep the money flowing.

It´s quite hard to bring back those who left and now are busy at other games, but they need to keep the base and lure new players.

The problem mostly came about because Vela and Telluria weren’t really tested well together. It was clear that they were meant to complement each other, but everyone in beta and during release underrated Vela. Without flanking someone like Telluria, she simply wasn’t as difficult to deal with.

That’s because Vela and Telluria weren’t really tested together. Only once were they in beta together. That’s about it, and it was hard to gauge as Telluria and JF were in ridiculously OP states. That made it pretty difficult to get a good idea of how all heroes interacted when there were other more enormous and clear red flags (JF dealing 1000 damage to all enemies, Telluria having same mana debuff as Boss Wolf at average speed).

Even once the two above heroes were toned down, Vela wasn’t in beta at that point. Testing her and Telluria was only possible if players chose to try them in their defense together.

So yeah, it was kind of a bad idea to release them so separated in Beta IMO, but that’s what happened and that’s part of the reason we got to this state.


And this is exactly why, we players shall start discussing the compensation for the mistake they did. This is SG’s own mistake. Despite the limited amount bf together testing, many beta players warned SG about Telluria and all the voices were ignored.

Vela is deadly against Red i agree but there are many different ways to counter her if there is no Telluria around. Despite this reality developers main focus is on Vela. Which is again not the right solution.

We players have endured all these mistakes, so it is SG’s to turn to own their own mistakes and compensate players accordingly. To voice your opinion: Compensation for upcoming nerf on Vela and Telluria


I demand 110% satisfaction from a game completely free to play!!



Thats why the game generates more yearly revenue then 90% of released pc/console games :wink:

/end sarcasm :wink:


I always thought this was the big mistake. They really had no idea how well Telly and Vela meshed together. Neither one even in the original form was as completely dominant as they still are together even post-nerf stage 1. So the real mistake was a lack of beta testing the synergy of these heroes together.

This has already been done.

If they actually listened to beta testers, they’d have less issues overall.