Does SG have a list of all pins available? / Is there a calendar of Avatars, Backgrounds, and Pins for sale in the Shop?

No pin but Sand Empire background contains a moon…


Hi there, guys.

Does anyone have a schedule for sales of avatar/backimage/icons?
E.g. if I want to buy a flag of my country, I’ve got to check the avatar shop every day.
I’d be great to have a schedule - when exactly it’ll appear in a shop.

I’m ready to create such infographics, but I need to have a rotation of items in a shop.
Dear developers, can you provide this information?
Or maybe someone knows where to find it?

Many more people will make purchases =)
It’ll be a great info both for the SG and for community.

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People have asked for one previously, but I haven’t seen one.

I also asked the Small Giant Staff for a list of all of them previously, and they said they’re not able to publish that.

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So there’s no fixed rotation at all, or they’re just not willing to publish that?

I don’t think there’s a fixed rotation, because they add to them periodically.

And the Small Giant Staff haven’t been able to publish a full list of them even, let alone when each one will be in the Shop. I had hoped to get a list of them because a lot of people have asked if specific country flags or emoji are in the mix, but that was a no go.

I know some players have been taking note of which ones exist, but they’re just doing that by checking each time they rotate in the Shop.

One of the places tracking them is here: 🌈 List of Avatar/Profile Backgrounds

I think there’s a list of pins somewhere or other…looking for that…

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Great, at least it’s something!
Thanks, mate! =)

I’ll try to make my own research, hopefully there’s some rotation calendar…
I haven’t seen new elements there for a while.

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@LatiyFundiy You’re welcome!

I just merged us over here to this old thread from previous times people have asked about tracking down a list.

The consensus seems to be that there are pins for each of the emoji that has a text code in the game chat, plus country flags. I’m not sure if there’s a list of the country flags on the Forum, though — I haven’t found it, if there is. I’ve heard there’s one floating around that’s been shared elsewhere, but I don’t have a copy of it.

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… continue to my last post… I’m not sure it is rotated with patern,… and my track so far is not full, here is what I track.
And still not seeing :coffee: coffee! :man_facepalming:

No Date PIN
1 2019-11-28 Heart (yellow)
2 2019-11-29 Cool
3 2019-11-30 Flag Ukraine
4 2019-12-01 Flag Thailand
5 2019-12-02 Helmet
6 2019-12-03 ROFL
7 2019-12-04 Dual Axes
8 2019-12-05 Element Dark
9 2019-12-06 Hankey
10 2019-12-07 Flag Italy
11 2019-12-08 Nature Element
12 2019-12-09 Cake
13 2019-12-10 LOL
14 2019-12-11 Mage
15 2019-12-12 Flag England blue
16 2019-12-13 Sadness
17 2019-12-14 Cat
18 2019-12-15 Flag Ireland
19 2019-12-16 Heart (purple)
20 2019-12-17 Star
21 2019-12-18 Flag Germany
22 2019-12-19 Thumbs down
23 2019-12-20 Staff
24 2019-12-21 Flag turkey
25 2019-12-22 Flag Finland
26 2019-12-23 Flag Switzerland
27 2019-12-24 Flower
28 2019-12-25 Flag Australia
29 2019-12-26 Mouse
30 2019-12-27 Thumbs Up
31 2019-12-28 Pizza
32 2019-12-29 Flag Italy
33 2019-12-30 Flag England
34 2019-12-31
35 2020-01-01
36 2020-01-02 Roll eyes
37 2020-01-03 Donuts
38 2020-01-04 Flag
39 2020-01-05 Heart green
40 2020-01-06 Flag (black)
41 2020-01-07 Happiness
42 2020-01-08 Sword
43 2020-01-09 Flag (strip red orange)
44 2020-01-10
45 2020-01-11 Ham
46 2020-01-12 Flag korea
47 2020-01-13 Flag iceland
48 2020-01-14
49 2020-01-15 Flag turkey
50 2020-01-16 Flag solid red circle
51 2020-01-17 Ham
52 2020-01-18 Flag korea
53 2020-01-19 Flag iceland
54 2020-01-20

Spreadsheet files:


Waiting (im)patiently for the yellow heart.

Finally coffee appear today, yay!

Case closed for me…
Already finished S2 Hard in last AR February, so let it be Poseidon avatar for a while.


Happy for you! Waiting on my yellow heart. :frowning:

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@Math4lyfe, here we come… come get now… :sunglasses: :muscle:


Thank you!!

My alliance has been checking for me too! It’s been the highlight of my day. :yellow_heart:


I dont understand why they cannot post one i would like to see what all there is and very likely gets me to spend more money

I love pins! Would be nice to know.

Oh oh, pizza is indeed there. Thanks, @zephyr1!


Have you gotten it yet?? I’ll keep a lookout for you. :slight_smile:


Is there a Yin/Yang pin?

Can we have a pin of Nigeria pls

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