Does SG have a list of all pins available? / Is there a calendar of Avatars, Backgrounds, and Pins for sale in the Shop?

I would like to know if there’s a list for all pins available. I’ve been playing over a year and I have not seen my country flag as a pin.

There are a fairly large number of threads requesting the addition of new country flags (I see you made one for Panama), but I don’t think I’ve seen one listing the existing ones, unfortunately. :confused:


I have also been looking for a list of backgrounds and avatars from the shop. It would be helpful if it existed.


I’m asking around to see if I can find out any more info…so far I don’t know anything more than waiting on what shows up at random in the Shop.


Thank you!

That’s what I have been doing lately after not finding a list (googled for it only).


Yes Zephyr1, I’m like you been checkin everytime, but no success. I don’t think they have one. I think they should be fair. if we could only convince them to have all flags for every country.

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I’m still asking around about this.

I’ve heard rumor there’s a player-made list of all of them, but I haven’t seen it personally yet. I’m also trying to find out if a more official list exists publicly.

Keep reminding me periodically, so I can keep checking. :slight_smile:


I’ve been taking screenshots of the avatar and pin offers, but I started doing it late and I’m nowhere near a full cycle of images to verify the repeating pattern yet. Haven’t done more than take the shots either so far.

Just bumping this as it would be great to see a list of them all.
I remember seeing one I really liked but don’t remember what it was now :confused:

I’ve asked a couple times about it…I’ll ask again.

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Any news yet? I am not able to find any information on this.


No, I was never able to get a full list of the Pins, and more have been added since.

So I still have no idea of what the full list of them is, unfortunately.

This is such an irritant for me. All country flags should be available and anything from the shop should be easy to purchase.

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I will start to track,… I want to know if the rotation is constant or dynamic/random. I want to buy coffee PIN, still waiting.

Current data track so far:

No Date PIN
1 2019-11-28 Yellow Heart
2 2019-11-29 Cool

I think the list is same as the emoji list with the addition of flags which aren’t included in this graphic from

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Is there a list of the new pins? I searched but couldn’t find one. Today’s feature (ham) also works as an emoji in game chat!!


I haven’t seen a list published with the update.

I’ve asked the Small Giant Staff a few times before if they can publish a list of the pins and flags, but they haven’t been able to so far.

I do know that there’s an unofficial list of them floating around somewhere that was made by players, but obviously that wouldn’t have the new ones on it until they show up in the Shop.


I don’t know where to ask this… Is there :crescent_moon: pin for avatar? It would perfetly fit with my avatar and I’m not sure if I ever saw it…

All you can do is check the ‘featured showcase’ every day and see what new pin they are offering. They do rotate, but there’s no way to tell if a Moon pin is even an option.

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Unfortunately, there is no moon pin. This is the list of all the avatar pins that is available in the game, apart from all the country pins. :slight_smile:

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