Does rush war suck, or do I suck?

I’ve been playing in top 100 alliances for a while now. Rush wars are terrible. It is a broken game mode. Every time they come around I contemplate deleting the game. Can anyone help me how to fight alfrike, bk, krampus, mn, alby teams. It’s almost impossible.


Double rez. Add a healer, taunt and big damage is the Rush meta up top and it draws a lot of zeros.

Asking where the suck is will draw :fire:

I would ask if the slow heroes are so balanced and perfect then why did we ever need a rush mode?

Try fighting fire with fire. That’s worked best for me. Load up your slows.
And then after that, stack mono and roll the dice for lucky boards.
Otherwise yeah… it’s broken.
There’s a decent very slow hero that doesn’t have a buff thread to my knowledge and she is just silly in rush.

So… tell yourself it’s fun because of the challenge and… weeeeee mono


If defenders have an edge due to a war mode doesn’t the benefit cut both ways so it all balances out?

For example, maybe in some war more the attackers win 80% of the time and in other modes attackers only win 50% of the time. The result of the war still depends on using all flags, roster depth, team assembling skills, and luck (which averages out with enough players).

The hardest thing is just getting used to losing more often based on the mode. In theory.


For all the other war rules you are correct. But not in rush.

Because tiles build the enemy up differently than they do your team.
Especially… Empty Tiles! Which are abundant for mono teams…
Even if you have a rainbow…
Your still going to charge the enemy up and maybe you get a shot off… maybe you don’t…

Otherwise… no. It’s not a two-way street


I do mono. That is how I configure my heroes and troops. As such, it is vital that you have 5 mana troops per element to at least level 11. Doing so, your heroes charge their specials just by doing 2 simple 3-tile matches.

Rush war is one where players overhaul their playstyle. In other war modes, monoplayers tend to bust the tank by relying on the sheer power of the combined strength of the attack stat of their heroes thru the tiles, ghosting in the middle once the tank is eliminated, and subsequently charge their specials to kill enemy heroes left standing.

But in rush wars, I try to find 2 simple 3-tile matches of the favorable element. All doable because I have several mana troops at level 11. My purples and yellows have 5 mana troops at least at level 11. My reds and blues have 4. My green is still trying to catch up with 3.

Unfortunately, mono is not for everyone.


He was saying that if your attack struggles more in VF war then the attack of your opponents will also struggle more, hence the 2-way street.

Having said that, to some extent it is a 2-way street even when looking at your attack vs the defense - but much more so if you stack colours. Even though the defense will build up each turn and it will come very very quickly, you have the chance to build up 3, 4 or 5 heroes all in 6 tiles.

I don’t mind VF. I can’t say I like it, and I do think it has a bit of a higher reliance on luck. But the fact that you have to re-evalute your teams and your playstyle is a positive.

Saying all this I usually do OK in this format but I got pretty badly owened in this partcular war vs yellow tanks (hanve’t seen those for a while!). I would say Neith is highly devastating in this format. Not Alfrike level, but not too far off.


What he said made more sense than that. But it still isn’t right.

Even on the off chance your mono charges 4 heroes in 6 tiles, by the second move. Which is rare…
You had better kill both rezzers. Because a glut of empty tiles is sure to follow.

Rush does not behave even remotely, on equal footing like all the other war rules do.


@Ultra have you been reading my 1-page playbook? This is literally my go-to move for wars. Haha!! Rush is difficult but for purple tanks, i try to go with mono yellow and crush the tank with tiles.


I don’t understand this. Why is it not on equal footing, if your opponents face the same challenge as you do?


Because either:
A. Empty Tiles exist.


B. Your rainbow gets 1 (maybe 2) hero charged. And there’s a 80% chance it’s not the one you desperately need for the incoming nukes.

Rainbow is bad for rush… imo. And I am good at it!

You need tile damage for rush…

That means guaranteed empty tiles. And those give your enemy a whopping advantage

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Maybe, im not sure, he means that during rush wars, only the opponent benefits because their mana charges faster and more(?) Per turn than your team? Unlike, say, undead hoarde where both attacker and defender gets the minion. But to this point attack boost wars only boost the defenders…

I agree that the defender has a bigger advantage than the attacker, say 55% vs 45%. In rush 3* and 4* tournies I think rainbow is optimal for the attacker as the defenders don’t punish you as much. But in any 5* format the defender specials are so punishing that you will probably have the best result through brute force coupled with some luck.

But the equal footing is about your alliance being in exactly the same position as the opposing alliance. You just both, in theory, end up losing a bigger % of matchups than you normally would


Yes I don’t see anything inherently wrong with a war format benefiting the defender - that is how it always used to be. Minion hoard and VF are both “neutral” in that sense, however I do think VF favours the defender slightly whilst minion hoard favours the attacker slightly.

Attack boost is generally the easiest to overcome as its impact is so small. Arrow wars have a more distinct impact in the non-neutral formats

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I’m addressing the OP:

Not alliance vs alliance.
Yes… the off-topic - other alliance has to deal with the same broken format.

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Come on, friends. Let us focus on the request of the OP, helping him improve his performance in rush wars. If you want to keep bickering about how unfair rush wars are, then this is not the proper thread to do so. Use the search option of this forum and you’ll find the appropriate thread/s.


What is your usual attack strategy? Who are your heroes maxed and emblemed and what are your troops? It is not really necessary to use slow heroes in VF wars. Your fast and average heroes are also useful there too. Always think that in rush wars, all heroes are set at very fast. Try minimizing, or eliminating, unnecessary cascades.


To be clear, my understanding of this thread is NOT to discuss the merits of Rush Attack Wars but instead, the OP is looking specifically for advice on how to beat (consistently) the common meta that appears in high-level war defences for Rush Attack Wars


I’d like to know as well, go mono or rainbow or 2-2-1 in VF? I am scoring way lower than usual in rush wars, this time didn’t make a single one shot…

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Run double healers ( 1 off color at least) and synergize specials. Other than that pray for 7 tiles to match at the start and have Alfrike, basically thats it. Today on one of my cleanup (4 heroes remaining) flags i wanted to try my new Alfrike, she is only 3/40 but i brought a team that can manage even if she dies. I could ghost tiles, fired her 3 times and she single handedly annihilated the enemy team, at 3/40,ok we take those i guees.

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My strategy for rush is less stacking, the better. And every team has at least 2 mana controllers in two colours - from Proteus, Hansel, Zocc, Gretel - man, whatever you have! I need to be able to shut down the most imminent danger (Alfrike?). After that I put other special skills I may need - I find that the right mix of specials is more effective than colour stacking… Formation: 2 - 2 - 1. That way I can have them all fire in 6 tiles, and the risk of “not getting tiles” is at least a bit dispersed.

It works well for me… It is true I don’t have to fight the bestest all the time (not in a top 100 alliance), but I do spend my flags against teams above tp4600 exclusively…

It was like this last time, too. You could try it.


I will be opting out of all future rush wars. The only alternative, for me, is to delete the game. It is supposed to be fun, rush wars are not fun.