Does Reuben special effect decrease damage of counterattack and etc?

Hi guys, Reuben special effect on status effect.
I searched a lot and as far as I know all effects are status effect so logically Reuben should effects on all direct or indirectly. Does anyone know about it? Does anyone test him?

He reduce DAMAGE from status effects so it only works for fire/poison/sand/water/bleed effects, other debuffs doesn’t deal damage by themselves so he does nothing to them

Do u test him?
Why does he effects on stack then?
Btw counterattack effects that damage and logically that damage is for status effect nothing else, it does not come from other universe

I didn’t test him and I forgot about stack, my bad. Counter attack is diffrent type of dmg, he reduce dmg from DoTs he or his teammates have, counter attack isn’t on him so he won’t reduce it.

I can agree its not clear enough, it should say “reduce dmg form status aliments/debuffs”

If he did that he would be overpowered
I took him last night and I want to ascend him over c elena

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