Does rare chests at events just got a nerf?lets talk about it

Hello everyone, my name is Uriel and i am pernament top spots player on events.

Let me tell u little bit about me how it started and why i actually posting this topic. My journey started in septmeber 2019 when i decide to hit for a very first time top 100 legendary having some heroes not best ones but still ok to give it a go supported by event monsters like Uclapack, Zero, Kainboy and many others which saddly doesnt play anymore decie to try. I had less experience (actually none), manage to hit top 100 legendary but with huge amount of items refills, at the very end of the event. It was hard but i really enjoyed to be somewhere around with the best players.

I liked so much that didnt bother me to make pulls and save my gems only for events build up items and farm to be able do them. Every event i was getting better and faster i learn to reduce items and play with a patience. I was doing all right until beginning of september (ran sheets with my attempts gems spend items spend and rare chests appearance) last month didnt play as much events as usually, this month decide compete again and i am very very negative surprise due to doable boards appearance and chests and yes about these want to hear from u Community.

I have had a terrible boards most of the event and more less absolutely no chests, according to my sheets rare chests appearance from the past was around every single 60-70 (rare 1-3 one 1WE energy) runs with good bad boads no difrent, we want to focus on chests, this time Now best part didnt get any on rare 1-3 in first 5 flasks then 400 gems and at the end of the event another 200 gems as well an accident bad luck?(i am lv97 66 world energy 1 WE for a try that makes huge number of tries).

Well lets talk about it, you took so much from us Sg are you going to take another part of the fun from us and make this game ultra pay to win rather to 100% pay to win which already is? And that is fine, plenty of players like me play your game spend money only because of community and people to hang around together.

So lets talk and exchange experience about last event and please be kind its my first topic and probably last one since i enjoy to read rather to create but i feel obliged when i experience lack of chests which basically become legendary to get rather to rare…

Cheers and happy to hear from all intrested people finding same issue


I went into this event with ~125 coins. These are from the last four monthly challenge events as I used all of my coins last Guardians event. So that means on average I got ~30 tokens per event.

This month I did 4 pulls with tokens and I have 126 coins. Since 40 tokens were used to summon and I don’t perfectly remember how many tokens I had going into this month, and I’m back at what I remember being at before the event, this seemed like an above average month for me when it comes to challenge coins.

In all of these cases I don’t use flasks on challenge events and 15 coins come from completion of the event itself. So I guess I get 15 coins over each of the four days on average.

If each day has 144 total flags available (24*6), I’d guess I use about 100 on rare 3. On average I probably play every stage twice, I do the trials on Sunday, I do rare quests when they come up (not this month), and then I use the rest on rare 3. I’ll do the math on that another time.

So if I did rare 3 100x each day, that’s 400 total runs. If I allocate all coins to rare 3 (not what actually happens) that means I get a chest every 16 flags. In reality I probably get 25-50% of my chests on rare 3, so more like every 32-64 flags.

TLDR my very rough analysis says it was a normal chest month for me.


I received 15 RNG chest coins. I spend all my WE on the challenge event, mostly R-3. Each event I’m averaging about 13-15. So this one was normal for me.

I’m impressed that other get more. Mine is super consistent.

Uriel, just wanted to say you are one of the best that I’ve seen in events. Before events got to how they are now, I believe you could outplay anyone. When I competed there was a certain amount of repetition needed but you also needed to be able to recognize when to use items and have a solid strategy. Now events have gotten so competitive that you almost need a perfect board with a chest in 15 turns. That takes a lot of replays. This is why I was one of the few that liked the ninja tower. You don’t have unlimited replays in the tower and you have to commit to using what you’re given for the most part.

Back to the event though. Since a chest is almost needed for top scores then yea definitely it is going to cost much more if they aren’t showing up. My experience with this one, doing my normal top 1k, 500, 100, I thought I saw more chests than usual in rare and epic. I had a run in rare and epic with 2 chests in it which I had not seen in the past. The next day I did legendary and couldn’t find a chest using 4 flasks. Usually I’d see one sometimes 2 a flask. I thought that was a lot lower. Maybe the RNG just decided to be unkind to me at that particular moment. I’m not sure. With this game I’ve become used to the dry spells as well as the lucky times. 4* mat drops, I can go months without getting one from a titan or chest and then I can also get one every week. Same with summons. I can spend my stimulus trying to get puss in boots and then the next fables get a 2nd on a single 10 pull. That has been my experience with this game.


Thanks Ucla,got a lot of private messages about as well,it seems i was unlucky this time around and event makes me fight hard for top spots.I guess after all my RNG died after receiving Panther from a 3 coins pulls.Thank U for your opinion My dear

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you are right they appear less each time, I used 16 jars and I obtained 27 coins from chests, this is very little compared to previous months

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I felt like I got hardly any chests as well. It seemed less than in the past. It could have just been my crappy luck. Would they even tell us if they changed the drop rate?

The tiles were definitely much more against me this time. It became laughable how bad the boards were. I was much further down the rankings than usual, but I’m sure everyone will just say it’s RNG… with regards to chests i did around 500 attempts and got 25 coins.

This was my first time pushing for top 10 in epic. Normally after some help for the last 6 months I have been finishing top 1000,500,10,000 as I don’t push hard in legendary. This time I thought I would try push hard in epic and finished 12th.

What I can tell you from this event is that I ran many boards and repeats. I had 15 flasks which I used all of them, and spent about 2k gems on buying WE. I have 51 WE and showing those maths would equate to over 1700 runs. I got 17 chests in all those runs. I don’t know if appearance rate is stated anywhere but it definitely felt off to me, would be interested to hear other experience and if they felt it was lower


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