Does player level affect RNG?

I searched this forum and couldn’t seem to find the answer… but does anybody know if the player level affects RNG: things like wanted chest loot, elemental chest loot, titan loot, etc?

I know titan loot has its own tiering but what about chests? I can’t remember ever getting a high level ascension item from elemental chests when I was starting the game, but seem to get them a lot more now… could player level be affecting the RNG?

Just trying to see if there’s any incentive to leveling up aside from the minor bumps to world energy etc.



I don’t think so. But I suspect that the longer you play, the more attention you pay to getting the rare mats and therefore it ‘seems’ like more are coming in.

I know when I started playing I’d get say Mystic Rings and I’d be like ‘OK’ - now… I would do the upgrade dance. I have alliance friends who ask “Is it good to get a Compass?” and I’m like :thinking:

But, you ask a great question - Titan tiering certainly affects the chance of getting better items - so it’s valid to ask if other reward sources do as well

The simple answer is: no
I remember getting high level ascension items early in the game, long before I had a use for them. Player level does not affect RNG.


My very first Mystic Vision had me get a useless purple ball thingie that I just couldn’t figure out. So it sat in my inventory for ages, doing nothing.
It was a long time before I realised how lucky I was to get an Orb of Magic out of the visions, and on my very first time at that.
My experience is that the numbers are random, regardless of level. Painfully random.