Does Path of Valor's Valor pass work for only one event?

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I’ve been playing for a good while now but this is my first day in the forum! Before anything I must say, I really like this game.

I have a question that I couldn’t find an answer. If this is a redundant question please forgive me, as I am new to forum and I might have missed the answer.

My question is when you buy a valor pass, does it work for only CURRENT valor event? Or does it give you the continuous effect in the following Path of Valor events? If I buy the valor pass at the 2nd Valor event, will I need to buy it again in the 3rd Valor event?

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Valour pass is good for only the one Path of Valor.

You can purchase it any time between day 1 and day 50 & claim any / all rewards earned. I believe you can claim unclaimed rewards after PoV has ended up until the next one starts BUT you cannot PURCHASE the pass after the PoV has ended.

Then when the next PoV starts, you got to buy the next pass.

So yeah, Valor Pass is good for only the current PoV.


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