Does my account have a glitch

Hi i dont know if i misunderstand the raid formation feature or there is something else up with my account.
The double and reverse double formations when used with a caster & nearby allies hero on position 3 (the middle) is able to buff all positions, i see it when my opponents do this, i.e Kashrek increases all allies health instead of the usual immediate left and right, Brynhilde heals, def is increased and its an undispellable buff.
These 2 heroes work only as they ever have on my acct, the left and right are buffed and thats it, ive tried both formations with the same result.
Am i missing something? Please if anyone has some advice can they divulge it to me, or is this another issue?
Ty in advance

Note only affects the DEFENDING team when using those 2 specific formations.


Hi Guvnor, ty for the graphic, so i did understand how that worked and it is as i said, when i use Brynhilde or Kashrek in that place in the 2 formations im meant to, they only buff the immediate left and right of that position, please, who can i inform if this, it must be a game error ir the likes.

Hey hows it Guvnor, thanks fir your reply, whatever is happening isn’t due to my incomprehension of raid formations. Who do i inform or ask for help about this?

If you use Brynhild in either of those formation In the 3 spot, all 5 heroes get the boost as opposed to just the ones next to you.

The formations only work in defense, not in offense.


Here is what you missed:


Ahhhh ok ty i understand now

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