Does more teams do this? (Put a congratulations message in alliance banner after War)

Just after the war a friendly message to our opponent

Sorry for tje language mistakes… I’m Dutch :slight_smile:


I hope more alliances do that. Good sportsmanship.



If we are facing an opponent that speaks English, we will put something in our Alliance message telling them to contact us on LINE for war chat. They never do. Then right before war starts we change it to taunts to mess with them. Only this last war did they change their AM to a message to us and it was fun going back and forth… But none have ever contacted us before, during, or after war. Would they even see it after war? I don’t think they would have a reason to click on your alliance once the war has ended.

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The war is not finished yet but we are… :slight_smile:

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We always send a greeting when possible.

And now we have the polylingual @FabulaSumus amongst us we can greet Russian opponents too :grin:


@Bruno82 is more qualified to send messages to the Russian. I can only “decode” the Cyrillic alphabet and know a few words.

But well, between the 2 of us we can send messages to several non-English speaking Alliances, which is a great way to boost the fun and give the Wars some extra spice :slight_smile:


In my main alliance we just had a war chat in Line with our opponents.We’ve done this a few times, and had some “banner banter” that was pretty funny too. All in good fun!

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They have, at least me. I always check their and our remaining attacks to estimate if the result had sth to do with inactivity.


We try to send greetings if we can get past the language barrier, and maybe even some fun back and forth during the war.


When they deserve it… of course.

I do not do it everytime, expecially when the difference in points make it seems more a bad joke then a real greeting.


We communicate with war opponents through the our description box as well every match wishing good luck, placing jokes etc and we pretty much get responded back the same way 95% of the time.

We also place messages during the war.
We also use transportation keyboards which helps with messages not in english. As a Frenchman myself coming across french opponents is even more fun again and both sides get good laughs and have fun.

I most part 95% respond and this has truely made wars more exciting and fun I think from both sides.

No one has ever been rude or tried to degrade the other and all those that do use it have responded back with, slogans, jokes, congrat messages at the end etc.

This is why we feel making the chatbox at the bottom of the war room capable of receiving comments from both sides would really go towards improving war attendance and making it more fun.


I always send greetings to our opponents, but in Russian language is more difficult

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We do it too. But in a passed war, the opponent wrote to us a non nice message. We didn’t care it either. We are polite all time

That is awesome! We are frequently paired with “other worldly” languages. I only speak English and some Spanish, but I would love to congratulate win or lose. Sportsmanship is very important to me:)

Our alliance also greets, congratulates or gives a “well played” (if we won) to most of our opponents. I would say around 80% respond or are first to reach out. @littleKAF is our resident taunter who enjoys good banter. We had a war with an alliance who were active on the forum and exchanged videos via YouTube links. (I’ll look for the thread and link it below in a bit)

If you have an iPhone you can change your keyboard settings to include a translator keyboard. It’s much easier than using google. :wink:

Edit: Link as promised :blush: war was with @princess1 alliance. We had a blast!


We always do a welcome message.
If not responded on it we leave it that and otherwise we try to ‘communicate’ this way with opponent and always thank them for the war (win or lose).

That was a fun trip down memory lane. We had a great time doing battle with you :grin:


We greet an thank for war. Sometimes we create a chat group via “line” and exchange vids from our battles.

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