Does level 20 training camp ever actually give anything other than 3 star heroes?

It took me 80 pulls from TC20 before I got my first 5* hero. In 152 pulls, I have gotten 5 total, an average of 3.23%. For what it’s worth, I got two of those five in the last three days. Getting one in 27 is actually pretty good compared to how some people go.

The thread below is a compilation of results, indicating an average of about 75% 3*, 20% 4* and 5% 5* heroes.

Incidentally, the 3* my camps love giving me is Nashgar. Go figure.

Yep withing 30 pulls I’ve gotten 3, 5 stars.

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I’ve had around 42 pulls, 37 3*, 3 4*, And 2 5* (Elkanen and Lianna). The 4* I got were all repeats but the 5* were new and exactly what I needed to replace Horghall in my A team. I got both of them within the first 25 pulls so I expect a drought for awhile now. I also run 2 tc20s but at this point it is because I’m trying to get Wu Kong, who along with Tibertus and Rigard is the only 4* nonevent I don’t have. Once I get him, I’ll drop back to 1 tc20 and convert the other to tc11 to keep my flow of 1/2* steady.

I have 2 TC20s running so that 1 get one hero per day. So far, here are my results:

Stars 36 Odds
3* 30 83.33%
4* 4 11.11%
5* 2 5.56%

The 5*s are Leo and Justice. My current luck stinks as I’ve gotten Gunnar 3 out of the last 5 pulls (Balthazar was the other 2).

I’ve received not 1, not 2, but 3 Thornes from my TC20. I’m not sure whether I should consider that good luck or bad, but 5* heroes will definitely come with time.

(Also got from TC20 Elkanen and Vivica, which are arguably better, but the 3 Thornes was just funny to me :smile:)


I’m useing train 20 from september maybe.
I didn’T expected norhing But 3* from train 20. Also 5-6 maybe was carver,Bane, dawa etc
From train 20 i got:
2X Obakans
And now i got Elena :heart:
No 4*. I don’t count 3* and i dont care anymore. I just dont let train 20 without job :smile:
Goodluck! YOU have to keep going

I’ve pulled (in last month or so) for 4*: Wu, 2x Li Xiu, my 2nd Kiril, Rigard and Colen. 5* Richard so far. Don’t give up hope. They’ll start coming.

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5 TC 20 pulls. Jahangir, Hawkmoon, Lianna, some other 3* red, and tonight Azlar.

40% 5* so far.


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