Does level 20 training camp ever actually give anything other than 3 star heroes?

I’m tired of everyone complaining g about the same old ■■■■…if they gave u everything u would complain that it’s to easy and boring…u don’t like the game quit but stop bitching about drop rates it is what it is.

Out of 23 TC20 draws I’ve had:
16 3s
5 4
2 5*s

Just got Azlar this morning who is my first 5* red ever and I’ve been playing for 6 months or so. TC20 is a must for F2P or low paying players, but requires patience just like every other aspect of the game.


TC20’s are awesome, and they’ve become even more awesome since alliance wars.

Get two TC20’s and make them train Legendary all around the clock. Let the others churn out 1*/2* heroes with backpacks or without (L13).

And watch your hero roster grow like bamboo. In the beginning you’ll like the 3 star and then those just become training fodder. But you’ll get good amounts of 4 stars which are great. And over time, the 5 stars will happen too.

@Rook, do you know if these percentages (more-or-less) count for regular pulls as well?
I know they are based on data from TC20 but I am curious if the Epic Hero Summon in the Summon Gate gives roughly the same results.

The general consensus, I believe, was that the odds were more favorable in TC20 than the pulls. I don’t know that it was ever data driven though like this is.


Not data driven but confirmed by spg


hello everyone, I’m also on a level 20 training camp for legendary heroes and I have never received legendary heroes … what does Small Giant Games …? At worst I receive level 3 * heroes. sorry for my english, i’m french … good day everyone

My 8th tc 20 was li xiu, but i already had her.

You have arund 5% chance of getting a 5* in each pull. So, on average you should get one in every 20. But that is just an average, so you may very well go through 100 pulls without getting one or getting two in a row.

That is the random nature of the game.

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I am so sick of my training camp 20. Do you know I actually upgraded a 2nd TC to level 20 thinking it would double my chances for a few 5* heroes. I have trained 27 heroes so far 1-5* was a duplicate of a 5* I already paid for (big mistake spending money on this game) 4-4*’s (2-Wu’s, 1-Grimm, & 1-Skittleskull)

22-3*’s don’t worry I am not going to list them all but I will tell you FIVE of that 22 are Prisca’s, FOUR of that 22 are Berdens & FOUR more are Azar’s. My BIGGEST complaint about this TC20 is the repetitive heroes. If I had 22 different 3*’s instead of all of these stupid undesirable repeats I’d be so much happier. It’s just a scam like a game at a fair. No one really wins.

It took me 80 pulls from TC20 before I got my first 5* hero. In 152 pulls, I have gotten 5 total, an average of 3.23%. For what it’s worth, I got two of those five in the last three days. Getting one in 27 is actually pretty good compared to how some people go.

The thread below is a compilation of results, indicating an average of about 75% 3*, 20% 4* and 5% 5* heroes.

Incidentally, the 3* my camps love giving me is Nashgar. Go figure.

Yep withing 30 pulls I’ve gotten 3, 5 stars.

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I’ve had around 42 pulls, 37 3*, 3 4*, And 2 5* (Elkanen and Lianna). The 4* I got were all repeats but the 5* were new and exactly what I needed to replace Horghall in my A team. I got both of them within the first 25 pulls so I expect a drought for awhile now. I also run 2 tc20s but at this point it is because I’m trying to get Wu Kong, who along with Tibertus and Rigard is the only 4* nonevent I don’t have. Once I get him, I’ll drop back to 1 tc20 and convert the other to tc11 to keep my flow of 1/2* steady.

I have 2 TC20s running so that 1 get one hero per day. So far, here are my results:

Stars 36 Odds
3* 30 83.33%
4* 4 11.11%
5* 2 5.56%

The 5*s are Leo and Justice. My current luck stinks as I’ve gotten Gunnar 3 out of the last 5 pulls (Balthazar was the other 2).

I’ve received not 1, not 2, but 3 Thornes from my TC20. I’m not sure whether I should consider that good luck or bad, but 5* heroes will definitely come with time.

(Also got from TC20 Elkanen and Vivica, which are arguably better, but the 3 Thornes was just funny to me :smile:)


I’m useing train 20 from september maybe.
I didn’T expected norhing But 3* from train 20. Also 5-6 maybe was carver,Bane, dawa etc
From train 20 i got:
2X Obakans
And now i got Elena :heart:
No 4*. I don’t count 3* and i dont care anymore. I just dont let train 20 without job :smile:
Goodluck! YOU have to keep going

I’ve pulled (in last month or so) for 4*: Wu, 2x Li Xiu, my 2nd Kiril, Rigard and Colen. 5* Richard so far. Don’t give up hope. They’ll start coming.

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5 TC 20 pulls. Jahangir, Hawkmoon, Lianna, some other 3* red, and tonight Azlar.

40% 5* so far.


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