Does invite a friend not generate rewards for the fourth successful invite? / Some rewards for a number of invites missing

I have been sharing this game with friends. I recently shared it a fourth time. My friend has received all of her vip rewards and reached level 10. I can see on my invite tab that I have 4 successful invites, but I have received no rewards.

On the tab, I assumed that the list goes from 3 friends to 5 friends to 10 friends because the rewards changed at those points. Have I misunderstood? Are there no rewards available for the fourth, sixth, seventh, etc that are not specifically listed?

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I think that’s correct, I think the rewards explicitly listed are all there are.

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I think that’s lousy. The rules and limitations are not clear and I spent hours looking for the information before joining the forum. It’s a bit of a bait and switch to set it up so ambiguously and not state clearly anywhere that the incentive doesn’t apply to all successful invites. The language in ALL of the information I have been able to find states only the rules of a successful invite, giving the impression that if the rules are all followed, rewards will be available. It’s very misleading. Replies to questions about not receiving rewards never even mention the possibility that it might be due to it being an unlisted invite. I have no issue with the rules being whatever they are deemed to be, but I’m very disappointed in the lack of information bordering on withholding. This information is stated nowhere.

It honestly never occurred to me that someone would think there were rewards other than the ones that are listed, since they’re so prominent.

You could try contacting Support, maybe they’ll be able to do something for you.


I very much appreciate your personal reply. I’ve tried the support button and it took me to an information page. I eventually found out how to send in a request (also not straightforward and feels like contacting support is discouraged), but I felt like an ■■■ sending in a support request when all I wanted was the answer to a very simple question about a commonly used and heavily promoted part of the game.

I could cite many examples of other tier systems that are shown exactly like the invite rewards, with each tier being equivalent until the next tier is achieved. As a Canadian tax accountant, I can show you how the tiers of our income tax system work, and I’m sure our government would frown upon anyone suggesting they didn’t have to pay tax on income that fell between the amounts denoting each tier. Relying on users to just ‘know’ how it works without any other description isn’t adequate, in my opinion. When you click for info, it tells you how earning the rewards works but nothing about the limitations. When you share the game, the rules of earning the rewards are repeated, and regardless of which friend gets the request, they are told that when they reach level 10, their referrer will receive their rewards (all of my friends said they got the same message). As I noted, people also ask lots of questions about the program. I read through a LOT of them, and not once did any responder mention any limitations other than those regarding new users and leveling up before rewards are available.

If I could have found one single official statement describing the limitations of the offer, I would have no issue. I have no issue at all with the rules or limitations themselves. I’m just really annoyed at how difficult it was to find information that should be readily available to users.

Again, thank you for your personal reply. I’m sorry you have to be the one to read my gripes.

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I’m just wondering what kind of reward(s) you’ll get if you invite friends (and get them to level 10) at the number of 6 to 9 and 11 through 19 (?). There’s only rewards for 1 to 5, and then only 10 and 20… :thinking:

I know this isn’t a big issue for most of us, since it’s really difficult to recruit friends through the game interface; most people (even your closest friends and family) think of your message(s) as “infomercials” or even just spam, so if you don’t guide them step by step manually, you will will have a success rate close to zero - even my mum (RIP); who loves these kind of games, didn’t bother to respond. And when I asked her why not, she said she thought it was just spam and deleted it right away. And when I tried to guide her through it, she meant it was to much of a trouble, and aborted half way through.

But even so, this has been bugging me for a while now, and I really want to know what happens when you recruit the number of people I mentioned in my introductory question.


Nothing is the answer.

It’s a scaling rewards system. You get rewarded for 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 & 20 successful invites. Call them milestone payments/ achievements.

It’s not a bug.

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Well, if you get NOTHING for the 13 (THIRTEEN!) ekstra friends you have struggled to join the game, then this is a grave issue, and thereby A BUG!

Milestone, limestones, granite - call it what you want, but it is NOT good enough (!).
You should get a reward for each and every hard earned friend you get to play this game. Otherwise it will be a useless reward system!

E&P staff can tell me how many players have more than 5 invited friends - and there you will have the answer…

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Lol ok mate.

Well I’m telling you it’s not a bug. A bug is an unintended effect in a game… programmed Milestone progress rewards like this is intentional and hence not a bug.

You get your progressive rewards, your invitee gets their rewards. Simple… Like it or leave it.

Well, it’s bugging me - so it’s a bug!
And I really HOPE it is an unintended effect in the game, because the appropriate number of friends get a reward, while I get absolutely nothing!

Uhhh ok…

It is intended… if it wasn’t intended they would have nodes for collection at the in-between invite levels… The BUG would be if the nodes were there for collection but you didn’t get a reward… that would be a bug…

The pure fact that there are not the nodes for 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 etc… succesful invites shows it is NOT a bug or unintended…

As for you getting nothing, you do get something… when you get to 5 invites, 10 invites & 20 successful invites…

But GL all the same with your petition.

I would suggest moving it to a #ideas-feature-requests if you want it implemented into the game but for now, it’s not a bug.

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Okay, I can go along with moving the thread as you propose. Nice of you if you can do it, so I don’t mess it up as the “newbie” I am. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you!

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haha nah :stuck_out_tongue: your idea so your thread!

wouldn’t want to take it away from ya :stuck_out_tongue:

Its pretty straightforward

Just create a new topic

Set the category to #ideas-feature-requests

give it a catchy title

& pitch the body of it as if you were trying to convince someone of your idea (sales pitch)

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… and start from scratch?! :sob:
No way, then I’ll just leave it here and send a suggestion through the in-game support system instead. :blush:

Oh, and one last thing (purely out of topic):
How come I don’t get notifications on my mobile whenever you (or anyone else) replies to my topic(s)?
Meaning, I have to to start up my app and check manually every hour and every day (this HAVE to be a bug :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)…

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You go to your forum account settings

Turn on notifitcations

Also turn on your personal email notifications

At least how i used to have mine when i didnt just check in once an hour

Now i do know google chrome keeps askin me if i want to “install” the e&p forum on my phone so that could be another way but i haven’t tried it