Does heimdall really have a 20% chance of reviving fallen heroes?

Does heimdall really have a 20% chance of reviving fallen heroes ? Today I played a lot of raids and not once revived anyone, the same in the tournament and in the stages maps. When it is written 20% so it means once with five should revive the heroes, I charged it 10 times and not once did it happen. Then I played season 3 hard, right now in the first round they killed my hero and the next three rounds did not come to life, it charged about 8 times + I still charged it with mana bottles another 5 times and nothing. Please change the statistics description to 5% or less, as the case may be. Because of this, he has slow mana and it doesn’t work at all as it is in the description of the hero.

For every one of these cases where your Heimdall fails to revive someone for 8 uses, you have a case where an enemy Heimdall revives several heroes 5 times in a row.

Before reporting this as a bug, it would make sense to get a larger sample size (at least 100 activations?) to get an average first.


Tomorrow you could play a lot of raids against him and he revives heroes every other time. It’s 20% in the long run, which can easily mean long barren stretches followed by long stretches of constant revives.

It’s just like Wu Kong. Sometimes it seems he always misses.


Not true. That means that each hero has a 20% per hero. If you average it out over a lot of attempts then it will average to 20% but that doesn’t mean you get a revive every 5 times.

A coin will flip heads 50% of the time but averages require a massive test pool to prove scientifically.

I think there’s a dice one where they rolled a die 1 million time’s and it rolled each number about the same amount. But take in batches of 100 or even 1000 the numbers look very different.

You can have a 20% chance miss 100 times out of 100 but that still doesn’t mean it’s broken. That’s just a very small pool. You should get 20, on average, but it doesn’t promise that you will.

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Im sure you are right, i fought a lot against heimdall (im in diamond arena) and yesterday was the first time when he resurrected someone.

Went against 2x green in platinum today. Destroyed Telluria by red tiles, then Heimdall is charged and revived her. I lost.

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for you, he revives 1 in 10, for the enemy, he revives 3 in 10. the average is 20%. working as intended :rofl:

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I also had the instant feeling that heimdalls 20% lack a bit. As i use MoNo and Alberich i have a good feeling for it.

MoNo really works great, Alberich is “just” 17% less chance but regulary I am annoyed with him not reviving after two or three times.

To calculate it right, its 80% chance per dead hero, that they stay dead. :slight_smile:

And for heimdall, although everybody loves him:

Hero // Chance // life //
MoNo // 50% // 20% life (hero+minion)
Alberich // 33% // 23% life
Heimdall // 20% // 30% life

While almost half as much resurrection chance als alberich, the resurrected hero stands just slightly better on health (not counting the regeneration). I have seen it happen often at my wifes teams, that the resurrected hero just falls off again in seconds.

He should have 5% to 10% more revival chances OR 10% to 20% more health for the resurrected.

Well, don’t forget that he also has a good healing and the temporary hp special. His revive is, of course, not the best in town but in combination with his other special skills he is quit good.

Mmmh while with troops a strong defense stands with at least 1600 life for each hero.

So the 500 heal of heimdall equals something like about 30% of heroes health…

So compared to MoNo that heals 30% plus 10% minon = 40% i really have my personal problem here.

The only cool thing on heimdall is the overheal but its hard to have him full on mana while all your heroes are still full of health.

That normally happens just with a tile tsunami, and in this case the fight is almost an instant win.

I do like the combo brynhild + heimdall, cause she pushes herself and heimdall so fast on max life until his overheal crushes in.

That could have been my defense team lol. I absolutely love Heimdall. The over healing is super useful in my playing style. Use him for almost everything.

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