Does heal over time stack?

I suppose that Tarlaks HoT would not stack with similar HoT (have not had a chance to test it yet, because the only hero with HoT that I have is him). Can anyone confirm this? And what about the new elemental HoT feature that Khiona has? Will it stack with Tarlaks HoT or just replace it?

Ordinary HoT doesn’t stack - the most recently used special overwrites the previous one.
I don’t have Khiona to test with, but I expect her special HoT will stack, as it’s described as an elemental link power, not a specific healing power, and the different elemental links of the previous HotM stack with similar powers.


I have same situation, Tarlak is my only hero who has hot.

I like to use Triton with Tarlak, Triton gives boost to Tarlak’s healing skill.

Khiona stacks with other HoT, and family benefits stack with everything… As a general rules, if a special uses a different symbol, then it stacks. There are a few exceptions to this rule (Brienne, Little John), but it holdss in this case.

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All skills with same icons do not stack. Simple as that.