Does having more "Finishing Titan Strikes" influence anything in game?

Hi All,
About this last statistic in everyone’s profile page called “Finishing Titan Strikes”. Any thoughts on what is the real significance of tracking it. I can understand the value of posting “Highest Titan Damage” but somehow not this strikes stat.
I mean it can’t even be purely for bragging rights like trophies either because nobody would know by just that strikes #, if one took down those titans all by himself in the last round with say 300K damage or just came in the end when all was done by rest and downed it with say just 1K damage, right?

Also just wondering, does having a bigger # on this “Finishing Titan Strikes” parameter influence anything with in the game?

Please share your thoughts. Thanks.


I wish they’d take out that statistic as it leads to bad alliance behavior.


Doesn’t influence anything nope.

I like it because its a stat about titans, and I’m fond of any and all of those. The only thing I can come up with right now of it’s ‘use’ (and even at that, it hardly has any) is to get any indication on whether someone can compete under pressure to do the last certain amount on a titan. Obviously it doesn’t include whether that finishing strike was 1k or 50k, but maybe over time that equals out. (yeah I know, not a strong argument :rofl: )

It’s a useless stat. I could see someone sitting on a Titan hit waiting for that last 10-15K so they could knock it out. Which is really insignificant, but would give them a notch in their proverbial belt. IMO that spot could be used for something more useful. Like “Titan DPS”. That would give you something to chase.


final hit means nothing and adds nothing. but most players understand they have an average damage they can do. so they will wait and see the titan death is in their threshold so they strike. Titan Loot have been poop forever Devs please fix that which have been forever bad.

I’ve seen it multiple times actually when I was new, and it’s worse than insignificant… it lead to the member(s) in question sitting on all their flags for time values measured in hours (sometimes more than 12) just to try to snipe it at the end.

That’s what I meant by bad behavior.


its actually dumb to wait to try and be the last hit. you may be capable of doing 10k of damage but if you wait there may only be 3k HP left. that could mean that you will get a lower rank in the scoring because you missed out on dealing 7k of damage that someone else got to do.
i use my points as soon as i possibly can to keep my score high.


I agree @ruse, if the useless stat encourages an alliance member to burn a titan hit when there isn’t much damage left to do so I don’t have to, then that alone is a use for the stat.

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For my part, if I see the Titan has less health remaining than what I average on a regular visit, I tend to avoid the attack and let someone in the alliance who does less damage take it.

It’s a waste of alliance energy to hit for less damage than you normally can to claim the ‘honour’ of the killing blow when it doesn’t give you anything other than a dim sense of satisfaction.

Triumph of ego over common sense to save your energy to try get that killing blow.

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Thanks for your thoughts everyone on . Agree with most of you :slight_smile:

In summary most feel that “Finishing Titan Strikes” is not much of a useful stat in any meaningful way. I guess then as this specific stat is not worth wasting the limited space that it is taking up in the profile page, let us get some ideas on what other useful stat should it be replaced with or so, right?
Maybe related to titan hitting itself or raids or so.

JonSnow above suggested “Titan DPS” which I guess means Damage Per Strike, right? Sounds useful.

Please share your ideas. Thanks.


possible useful/fun stats:
highest damage in 1 titan attack
highest damage overall to one titan
total damage on titans (cumulative from day 1)
average damage per titan attack
total number of titan attacks

and most of those would be useful for alliances looking to recruit too.


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