Does Hatter steals Black Knight's taunt and increased hits from his allies?

I’m confused…he killed Black Knight but stole nothing.

Order of attack I presume…

the special skill does:

  1. Damage
  2. Steal buffs
  3. Distribute buffs

So if Hatters direct damage killed BK, the “steal buffs” cannot do anything as the “taunt” mechanic lasts till the game registers him as dead (i.e. hands control back to you)…

It’s a weird mechanic really:

  1. You shoot BK
  2. BK taunt directs the damage to himself
  3. Damage “kills” BK (so there is no taunt buff to steal)
  4. BK taunt however is still considered active & thus protecting the rest of the enemies from the steal buffs
  5. Control handed back to you & now the taunt ends

TLDR tho is that I believe it is workign as intended…

If BK HADN’T died from the direct damage (i.e. if flesh-wound kicked in), you would have stolen the Taunt buff & his (ONLY HIS) beserker buff and put them randomly on two of your heroes.

Essentially this follows the same mechanic as a dispeller like Sonya or Frida etc…

Does direct damage (has chance at tripping the “flesh wound”. Then will do the dispell but the taunt prevents it from affecting any other heroes…

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Seems like shenanigans to me…


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