Does guardian gazelle increase special attack of allies by 100%

Does Guardian gazelles increase the special attack of allies by 100%? It doesn’t say anything about not applying to special attacks on gazelles card, but I’m not noticing an increase when I play. I definitely got the 100% increase in tile damage. Anybody know this answer? Much appreciated

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Her description says increased attack, so it applies to specials too (same way as Boldtusk for example).

But increasing attack is not that noticeable as for tiles. You can expect about 30% more damage with +100% attack.

You can check the damage calculation thread and do some calculations yourself:

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That’s not correct, per the resource you linked.

It would give a 154% increase to the damage.

Post here becouse I’m intrested aswell…

Double attack do not mean double damage… it can do more if the enemy has lower def than the atrack was before the buff but less if it was higher…