Does game hang for u too? Today it happens 3 times for me

Hi guys
Today the game stop in page for 20 seconds then continue
Is that happen for anyone else?

Yes, especially when I first log on and am fighting the Titan! Very annoying to say the least! Good gaming!


For me not during attack but so annoying

Never had this issue over the years I’ve played, not once. Note: iPhone 11. If you have an Android it could be due to garbage collection of the Android OS. Java is a GC based language which means it doesn’t free memory until it needs to, resulting in a pause when it hits a threshold to delete all the pending dead objects. Java will never be as fast as a non-GC language as a result (I’ve programmed in Java over 20 years, I’m not bashing it, just letting you know how it works)

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I had it happen today, just as I was about to finish off a war team, resulting in me getting zero points. It’s the second time it’s happened. I have a new phone and my other apps are fine, so I suspect it’s the game.

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I hope it was the game

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İ have the same issue

So why game admins do not talk about it here

Because you put it in General discussion. Bugs and issues is where you might get feedback from an E & P rep.

It happened today, each time I logged on. All other aspects of my iPad working great. No problem with WiFi. It is a pain, really bad titan hits.
Last time I just rebooted everything before I played. Worked fine. But kind of a pain! Hopeful will clear up. 3 years of playing and never really happened too much before.

What Chadmo said. And it’s the weekend. And you didn’t file a support ticket. And you provided zero useful information.

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