Does food storage affect how much food we get from chests and titans?

I searched but couldn’t find this answer so I apologize if it’s out there somewhere. I’ve noticed that my food to iron ratio has changed over the last couple weeks from me getting more food than iron, to me getting more iron than food. I’m working on getting my stronghold to level 20 so I’ve been upgrading my iron storage considerably whereas before i had upgraded my food storage more.

This leads me to the question: does food storage capacity affect the amount of food i gain from chests and titans?

Anecdotal evidence suggests that storage does affect rewards, but I don’t believe anyone has proved it yet. I know a number of players with alt accounts who reported the same thing you experienced, and have brought all my food/iron storages to 20 as a result. If you felt like recording data as you level your storages further, it could be very useful for verifying this connection!


Good to know I’m not the only one!

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Was reported as YES but only for raid chest

Strange, i wonder why it wouldn’t affect the others too.

Yeah my iron rewards are always more than my food rewards for raid chest and my iron storage are more leveled than my food ones.

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A couple 7DD members did the work that showed iron loot in raid chests was dependent on iron storage.

My own experience is in agreement with that, but all my other resources loot fluctuates no matter my storage or type of chest.


Absolutely, and counterintuitively!

Someone told me this a month or so ago. I had spent six months struggling for food, and was thinking, well, if I’m not getting food, why up my storage…

Well, I did, and now I can’t get rid of all the food! I’m creating battle items I never use, just to get rid of it!

(Having trouble for almost a month now getting certain ingredients, and low troop drops, and am waiting on 18 ascension items for over three weeks now, so can’t use it for that… :angry:)

Now I’m having the same struggle with iron, where I didn’t used to, so am upping my iron storage. :slight_smile:

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Is this true? No wonder I always get more iron as I rarely level up my food storage…