Does EP works on an Android smartphone in China?

I’m living in Belgium and in a few weeks I’ve to go China… Does this game works there ? I heard Youtube doesn’t work.

Yea I can confirm that the game works in China.

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Good to know. thanks !

@Blord Yes it works fine. Although, since Google and all the services associated are not allowed in China Mainland (only with a VPN but :shushing_face: it’s a secret :joy:) if you have the game connected to your Google Play account, it wont work. So my advice to you:

1 - Disconnect from your Google Play account (inside the game, go to Settings).


2 - Install a VPN on your mobile phone before you arrive to China.

Best of lucks.

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Can you recommend a free VPN app ? Thanks!

Unfortunately they are cutting all the free vpn access in China. Depending on how much time you’ll stay here, Express Vpn for example, gives you a 7-days trial.

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