Does element link stack?

I am absolutely loving the game. I have been ridiculously lucky in my pulls and am planning ahead for a future defence team. But its not the luck that I am.enjoying: its the challenge of optimisation and my wonderful Alliance.
Does element link stack? ie is it additive?
Any advice about this possible lineup?

Element links apply if they are different, just like any other buff, but they do not stack. So my gravemaker and zimkitha will have 2 active red links, one for att/def and a heal one from each hero respectively, but if I had 2 Zimkitha there would be only one. I believe it may extend the duration if two of the same hero fires their special.

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Stated slightly more precisely it resets the duration, e.g. if you were 2 turns into a special that lasts 4 turns, firing it again would would reset the turn count to 4, but wouldn’t extend the duration beyond the original max of 4 turns for that special. It works the same way as firing the same hero more than once before their special wears off.


Thank you @zephyr1 and @Drewrobi for your speedy advice. I am trying to learn the finer nuances and always appreciate your comments on the forum.
I should have been more specific - does the heal-per-turn element link stack? Would Drake and Oatmeal each heal double each turn?


No, healing over time aka HoT isn’t stackable. The last one applied will overwrite any existing one.

That’s what @Drewrobi meant by this:


Thank you @zephyr1 !!

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Just to confirm @Drewrobi, the elemental links of the same color but different effects DO stack? You’ve seen that with your Gravemaker & Zimkitha combo?

The elemental link symbol seems to be the same regardless of what the elemental link does and the “rule” of: Same symbol means overwrite and don’t stack has been repeated so many times I’m hoping you’ve witnessed the stacking first hand.

One more question:
Would an Elemental Link Elemental Defense Buff stack with a regular Elemental Defense Buff of the same color?
So would Perseus’s or Aegir’s Nature Defense Buff stack with the blue equivalent of Kunchen’s elemental link (assuming this is the next type of elemental link for the upcoming HotMs and that the Ice HotM will have it)?

I have witnessed stacking firsthand.

It shows two link symbols.

I have done so with multiple HOTM.


Brilliant, thank you

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Here is a screenshot, made just for you


Thank you, and even though I am as blind as Onatel I can see that the symbols are different.

Thanks again.

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