Does Dalilah & Red Hood stack up special skills?

Does anyone know if Dalilah & Red Hood can stack up their special skills power when unleashed?

Unfortunately not. They replace each other if the 3 max minion slots are full. Can be handy to have a mix of them though

New question: If we were to attack a target having foxes and minions how will the damage affect them?

  • A) equal flat damage
  • B) equal minion’s %hp
  • C) the first applied suffer the damage and then the others
  • D) the last applied suffer the damage and then the others
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Damage is always dealt to the oldest minion first. If it dies, remaining damage is applied to the next oldest minion, and only to the hero once all minions are dead.


Correct, @Wharflord. The only exception is Damage over Time (such as poison or fire effects), which is dealt to the hero only, though, so it’s possible to have a hero die even with active minions.

Correct, where the oldest minion is replaced by the new minion. This also applies to Thoth-Amun’s minions. In a tough fight, though, it’s a challenge to keep all three minion slots filled, so it’s not necessarily a bad thing running Delilah & Red Hood together.

That’s been my experience with Del; in a tough fight, having both of them might keep minion slots full, especially against area affect opponents.

For tough quest/map levels, I love taking the monster rounds slowly, and preloading 15 minions with Del on my way to the bosses. They won’t last long, but they are a great start! Del@3/70 means ~450hp of meat shields that way!

Has I been lucky and pulled Red Hood, the two of them would easily exceed preload capacity in that way.