Does color matter with specials?

I’ve tried testing it and it seems like under normal circumstances it doesn’t matter if I use Joon’s special on another Joon vs Sartana for example but if either has yellow defense from Domitia for example, it matters. This seems inconsistent to me. Am I wrong about anything?

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This is a common question, I asked it myself. No Joon won’t do more damage to Sartana than he would against Perseus or any random example. Specials don’t have a color unless they specify otherwise. Gravemaker does extra damage to green, Zeline does extra damage to blue. Or if a debuffer says “reduces defense against x color” then it will turn those specials into a color. Let’s say falcon and Scarlett. Yes Scarlett will hit harder after falcon debuffs against fire.


I think it’s a little odd and confusing that a green hero wouldn’t suffer more than a blue hero naturally to Scarlett, but if falcon debuffs heroes to fire then Scarlett will hit harder… but that’s how it works. Unless a color is specifically mentioned, specials are colourless. Additionally, if you bring a purple hero against a yellow defender your purple will do extra damage to the yellow hero with tiles but the yellow defenders normal attacks won’t hit your purple attacker harder than it would hit a blue attacking hero.


I’ve always been under the impression that special skills and slash attacks are non elemental unless elemental buffs/debuffs are involved or the specialskill has specific wording against a certain color such as gravemaker or zeline

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Right… But if specials are non elemental then why are they affected by color defense up or down? Why are they non elemental until they’re not? It’s inconsistent. Make sense?

Edit: Gravemaker, Natalya, Zeline, etc make sense to do extra damage in a colorless scheme because it is part of the special’s power. But if a hero has color specific defense on, apart from the hero hitting them, why is the special now linked to a color? The specials should either always have color or never have color unless specifically stated (GM, etc)
I.e. Joon should hit Sartana equally hard with his special regardless of whether she has holy defense or not while only tiles are affected. OR it should do more damage normally. But this latter change would negate the point of GM, etc.

@SWEG is correct that specials are neutral unless otherwise stated on the card, BUT with an important exception: if the target is under the influence of an element-specific buff or debuff, then direct damage from specials of that color is affected.

Examples from this mornings raids: my Alasie was under Guinevere’s Dark shield; a strike from Sartana did less than 200 HP. When raiding with Jackal and Joon, Joon’s strike is hugely more effective with Jackal’s -Holy debuff on the target.

This fact is why this month’s HotM, Evelyn, is so impactful. Follow her hit with one from Lianna, and I don’t think there’s a hero in the game that won’t die.

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I agree, it’s weird. If a hero has been debuffed against fire, which makes a red special hurt that hero more… it seems inconsistent that a red special wouldn’t naturally do more damage to a green hero than a blue hero, considering green is already weak to red. But that’s just how it is. Unless colors are mentioned, specials are colourless. And defending heroes normal attacks are colourless, unless your heroes have been weakened to a color; in that case normal attacks and special attacks from that color will hit harder. Color defense buffs are cool for that reason because it makes kashrek a decent attacking hero even if everyone tells you otherwise. When he does his thing, 3 out of your 5 attacking heroes will shrug off marjana’s special like it’s just a normal attack.

Think about it this way: everyone has their full defense stat against all colors of specials to start (no strong or weak colors). But if you debuff a color on someone, you lower their special defense against that color and suddenly hit harder.

Very strange and logically not fit. If Scarlett have colourless attack. Then her hit even after Falcon must be the same because it’s colourless. And Falcon skill in this system must affect tiles and only heroes like GM. But if Scarlett hit improved after Falcon it’s not colourless by definition (just logically). It’s weird.

And I have question. Green titan - 4 red heroes and Agwe. Will titan attack hit less after Agwe fired her skill then (+54 defence against green)?

Yep green titans will do less damage to your heroes after agwes buff. I think it’s weird too.

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