Does Boldtusk and Sir Lancelot Attack Buff Add 48%?

Is boltusk n sir lancelot +48% attack add on? Or its will be just 48%

Yes, both Boldtusk and Lancelot add 48% to the attack stat while their special is active.

However, attack buffs don’t stack. So if you used both together, the attack strength of the buffed heroes would only be increased by 48%.

Additionally, if you had another attack buffer, the last attack buff applied is the one that will have effect. That’s true even if it’s a lesser attack.

Wu Kong’s Gambler’s Stance, and Tarlak’s Martial Prowess, do, however, stack with normal attack buffs, since they’re different buffs.


So thats mean i can’t use those 3 together simkitta bultusk n lancelot

Cause when u fire to titan its always together. Thats why my score is very low

You can use them together, it’s just that the benefit isn’t huge, and you ideally should fire Boldtusk or Lancelot after Zimkitha, since their attack buff percentage is higher. That way you won’t overwrite theirs with hers.

But ideally you want to pair an attack buffer with other heroes who have high attack stats, like Scarlett, Colen, or Elena.


I firing Zimkitha first then Lancelot and as a last one Ares.

On green titans can i use boltusk .simkitta .sir lancelot marjana. N wukong .
Is the +48%attack of boltusk n lancelot n simkitta attack will add on.

I saw both this thread and your other one, so I just answered both questions in one place:

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