Does Beta have unfair advantage in events?


It is true that the rewards below top 10 (maybe top 100 epic and legendary) aren’t very exciting.

From what I’ve seen of what it takes to get into the top 10…It looks FAR CHEAPER AND EASIER to get any and all of the rewards in the game other ways. (Except the avatars that you cannot get any other way)

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Actually it’s not. Winning an event is still one of the cheapest way to get mats or rare heroes in the game. 40 world flasks is 4k gems. That’s a bargain for those items

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I’d love to hear from some of the beta testers that constantly place in events. To me if your team in beta is the same exact team in live game and you are top in beta and top in live game it is an abuse of the testing environment. Isn’t beta meant to test the new heroes and content?

Very upsetting to be seeing all this. There is no question about it, testing strategies in beta gives an advantage. If it didn’t then people wouldn’t do it. This should not be allowed.

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I am in the beta and can say that I am definitely not in the top 10 (however @Uclapack I must be better than you since I’m in beta :wink:). I just looked and saw only 16 people played guardians on the beta server. 16 people! That’s all. I really don’t think people are doing what they are being accused of. If they are, we are talking about a very small percentage of the population. I think people are getting high scores using other means, as plenty who have been in the top without being in beta can attest to.



Look at the top person in beta’s team and then look at it live…

Is this really using the beta testing privilege to test new heroes?



Or could they just have mad skills, so they will float to the top no matter what?

I’m sure someone at SG could tell you. That is the sort of stat I’m sure is tracked - how many attempts did it take.



Sure…or one could be using beta as a practice ground to be at the top. This is getting ridiculous if beta is being used as intended then all the event teams on it would include the new tested heroes. I would think it is pretty obvious a violation is made when a player who has never been ranked in top ten legendary magically has the highest score legendary has ever had and then also is using the same team in beta. If that happened it would seem fishy to me. If the game is going to have an event where people compete then there shouldn’t be an edge for some players vs others



Also to get insane scores it takes numerous runs. I know from experience. Why would one test the same team they are using in live game at the same time the event is going. No one loves running the event that much! It takes tons of time to get top scores, I know I wouldn’t be testing the same thing I’ve been playing over and over again unless there was some advantage to be gained.



So far I’ve tried not to put a reply here, however that has changed.

First of all no-one is invited to Beta; an application is to be completed by any plauer when the process is open.

Secondly, there is no real advantage for being a beta player - apart from having knowledge of upcoming heroes/special events it is not written in stone that what you’re testing is exactly how it’s going to be when it goes live.

Thirdly, I am a Beta tester and was accepted a month ago.

The current event (Guardians) I am placed 161st in Legendary; this is not because I’m a Beta Tester, it’s because I have upskilled in strategy-have a deeper bench to play around with.

I’ve used alot less items than the top 100 to get there and am proud of my personal achievement.

Come the next event I’ll be more prepared with having an ample supply of battle items. Why? Because my aim is to place in the top 100 from having learnt skills and strategies to get there; not because I’m supposed to be there for being a Beta Tester. Which is how the top 100 got there in the first place - SKILL & STRATEGY.

I’m sick to death of reading about Beta Tester’s getting an unfair advantage - would you still feel the same if you were a Beta Tester?



Not if you’re anchor



Hey buddy do me a favor. Check the heros of the person in 1st place on beta and also in the live game. Tell me your thoughts of actually “testing” the game.



For the most part at least in legendary isn’t it basically the same group of people that “usually” place in the top 10 and so on. Obviously there’s going to be some deviation as people are saving up mats etc or just can’t seem to get that perfect score but the really hardcore players seem to manage it



I am also a beta tester and I am not scared to admit it could give me an advantage if I wanted it. However, I have never touched the monthly challenge event in beta cause that is not what we should be “testing”. I also do not believe anyone did anything illegal or that could be even considered cheating. However, to argue there is NO advantage to being a beta tester is complete BS.



No one is arguing it’s cheating. The point is made about an unfair advantage towards events and events only. If you’re given the opportunity to test out an event before hand do you not think that’s not a strategic advantage even a little bit. I mean not much seems to have changed by my count but I could be completely wrong. However, to test that same exact event right before it’s live can bring up some imbalances in the in game strategy.



Exactly! I believe that is the point that is being over looked



I think a possible solution would be to have different levels for events like raids. Then the top players can compete against themselves and everyone else can compete against similar players. One frustration that I have is that I have zero chance to place in the top 10 against these top players and alliances. They have too many powerful heroes and troops for me to come close. So all I participate for is the loot for completing the round. Also, all of the good loot is for the top players who already have maxed heroes and in some case duplicate maxed heroes when the rest of us struggle to get ascension mats to max level up one hero of each color. The powerful get more powerful and the rest struggle to keep up.



I’m sure others test the events though. To say nobody does is laughable.



I never said nobody does it. I said the ability to do it is absolutely an advantage.



Another point of reference though is to get into the top 10 you HAVE to spend money or have been fortunate enough to have saved up a stockpile of mats etc. So knowing this, how much of an advantage would it be as a beta tester. It’s not like in 1 run through you’re going to have all super amazing times. No one gets that lucky with boards…



If I had the ability to test different teams and items I could put up some crazy numbers.