Does application stop suddenly for you too?

Hi guys
I had problem with app 2 weeks ago, the game suddenly stop for almost 30 seconds and no keys on phone worked and after seconds it fixed.
I did not have that issue till several days ago especially start on mythic titan, this time except stopping 30 seconds, the app almost act like heavy app.
Does anyone else have this issue ? What is the solution?
Thanks in advance

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Did this happen once or does it continue to happen?

It continues but maybe it is my phone because it happens on another app of E&P which contains info too .

I have vpn too (more info)

I thought it was just me. Confirming the OP’s described experience and more. I got booted in the game several times when attacking in the war. Good thing no flag was wasted. Just chalked it as a very rare occurrence. Did nothing as it fixes itself. But occurs once in a while.

I don’t have and use VPN, if that matters.

Today it happened so much
No I disconnect vpn and not happen yet
I have to use vpn to access shop

That happened to me recently in the middle of a fight and the App just froze and would accept no input from me. I waited and waited and then when I tried a force quit, it snapped out of it and just resumed.

So if u find solution please let me know ty

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I update google apps and enble game launcher app and it fixed
I read about it and if u google it u can find what it happens
For u It is probably for app update too

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